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10.1038-s41598-019-49511-4.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2019Association between Galectin-3 levels within central and peripheral venous blood, and adverse left ventricular remodelling after first acute myocardial infarctionAndrejić O.; Vucic, Rada; Pavlović, Milan; McClements, Lana; Stokanovic, Dragana; Jevtovic–Stoimenov T.; Nikolic V.
10.2298-VSP160405385Z.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2018Coronary artery spasm – One medical entity with different treatment optionsZdravkovic, Vladimir; Vucic, Rada; Sreckovic M.; Simic Vukomanovic, Ivana; Mitrović V.; Dincic D.; Knežević, Jasmina; Zdravkovic, Nemanja
0354-46641304285S.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2013Fractional flow reserve in patients with intermediate values of Duke Treadmill Score and borderline coronary lesionsSimic Vukomanovic, Ivana; Zdravkovic, Vladimir; Vucic, Rada; Miloradović V.; Jagić, N.; Iric Cupic, Violeta; Ignjatovic, Vladimir; Petrovic, Marina
10.3889-MJMS.1857-5773.2013.0326.pdf.jpg15-Dec-2013Fractional flow reserve method in cardiac catheterization laboratory without cardiosurgical backup: Initial experiencesSimic Vukomanovic, Ivana; Zdravkovic, Vladimir; Vucic, Rada; Iric Cupic, Violeta; Davidovic G.; Ignjatovic, Vladimir; Banković D.
0354-46641302571S.pdf.jpg7-May-2013Fractional flow reserve of intermediate lesions on collateral donor coronary arteries after myocardial infarctionSimic Vukomanovic, Ivana; Zdravkovic, Vladimir; Davidovic, Goran; Iric Cupic, Violeta; Vucic, Rada; Tasic, Milan; Ignjatovic, Vladimir
10.1515-afmnai-2017-0034.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2017The Factors Influencing Galectin-3 Levels in Acute Coronary Syndrome with Decreased Left Ventricular FunctionAndrejić O.; Vucic, Rada; Apostolovic, Svetlana; Pavlović, Milan; Stokanovic, Dragana; Nikolic V.; Jevtovic Stoimenov, Tatjana; Momčilović S.
0354-46641403075S.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2014The subchronic effects of 3,4-methylendioxymethamphetamine on oxidative stress in rat brainSimic, Ivan; Iric Cupic, Violeta; Vucic, Rada; Petrovic, Marina; Mladenovic, Violeta; Veselinović M.; Ignjatovic, Vladimir; Vučković, Jelena
10.5114-pwki.2011.24747.pdf.jpg7-Oct-2011Two different ischaemic heart entities with the same clinical presentationZdravkovic, Vladimir; Vucic, Rada; Lazic Z.; Iric Cupic, Violeta; Jović M.; Davidovic G.; Zdravkovic, Nemanja