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10.3389-fpubh.2020.00029.pdf.jpg2020A Correlation Study of the Colorectal Cancer Statistics and Economic Indicators in Selected Balkan CountriesVekic, Berislav; Dragojević Simić V.; Jakovljevic, Mihajlo; Kalezic M.; Zagorac Z.; Dragovic S.; Zivić R.; Pilipovic F.; Simic R.; Jovanovic D.; Milovanovic J.; Rancic, Nemanja
10.1111-ijcp.13825.pdf.jpg2020An overview of antiviral strategies for coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection with special reference to antimalarial drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquineDragojević Simić V.; Miljkovic M.; Stamenković D.; Vekic, Berislav; Ratkovic N.; Simic R.; Rancic, Nemanja
1820-86652101087S.pdf.jpg2021Application of nonvascular interventional radiology procedures in the treatment of iatrogenic ureteral injuriesSekulic, Igor; Stevanovic Jelena; Prodanovic, Srdjan; Boskovic Sekulić, Jelena; Vekic, Berislav; Rancic, Nemanja
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2019Changes in liver function tests after laparoscopic cholecystectomy with low- and high-pressure pneumoperitoneumZagorac Z.; Zivić R.; Milanović, Milivoje; Vekic, Berislav; Dakovic B.; Bukumirič Z.; Radovanovic D.
10.3389-fpubh.2020.00492.pdf.jpg2020Gross Domestic Product and Health Expenditure Growth in Balkan and East European Countries—Three-Decade HorizonStepovic M.; Rancic, Nemanja; Vekic, Berislav; Dragojević Simić V.; Vekic, Berislav; Ratkovic N.; Jakovljevic, Mihajlo
10.2298-VSP191030035L.pdf.jpg2021Influence of biological markers on overall survival in surgically treated patients with non-small cell lung cancerLončarević O.; Loncarevic, Slobodan; Vekic, Berislav; DJUKANOVIĆ L.; Vukovic J.; Rancic, Nemanja
10.3389-fphar.2019.00526.pdf.jpg2019Medical cost of colorectal cancer services in serbia between 2014 and 2017: National data reportVekic, Berislav; Dragojević Simić V.; Jakovljevic, Mihajlo; Pilipovic F.; Simic R.; Zivić R.; Radovanovic D.; Rancic, Nemanja
10.2478_sjecr-2018-0027.pdf.jpg2020The education of employees as a motivation factor in the management of clinical center of SerbiaNikolic, Aleksandra; Vekic, Berislav; Stojic, Vladislava