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PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Computational Modeling of Sarcomere Protein Mutations and Drug Effects on Cardiac Muscle BehaviorProdanovic, Momcilo; Stojanović, Boban; Prodanović, Danica; Filipovic, Nenad; Mijailovich S.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2015Coupling finite element and huxley models in multiscale muscle modelingStojanović, Boban; Svičević, Marina; Kaplarević-Mališić, Ana; Ivanović, Miloš; Nedic D.; Filipovic, Nenad; Mijailovich S.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2010Derivation of a finite-element model of lingual deformation during swallowing from the mechanics of mesoscale myofiber tracts obtained by MRIMijailovich S.; Stojanović, Boban; Kojić M.; Liang A.; Wedeen V.; Gilbert, Richard
10.1074-jbc.RA118.001938.pdf.jpg2018Dilated cardiomyopathy myosin mutants have reduced force-generating capacityUjfalusi Z.; Vera C.; Mijailovich S.; Svičević, Marina; Yu E.; Kawana M.; RUPPEL K.; Spudich J.; Geeves, Michael; LEINWAND L.
TextFinal_Final.pdf.jpg2015Distributed multi-scale muscle simulation in a hybrid MPI–CUDA computational environmentIvanović, Miloš; Stojanović, Boban; Kaplarević-Mališić, Ana; Gilbert, Richard; Mijailovich, Srboljub
10.3390-ijms23031135.pdf.jpg2022Effect of Myosin Isoforms on Cardiac Muscle Twitch of Mice, Rats and HumansProdanovic, Momcilo; Geeves, Michael; Poggesi C.; Regnier M.; Mijailovich S.
10.3390-ijms20236044.pdf.jpg2019Estimation of forces on actin filaments in living muscle from x-ray diffraction patterns and mechanical dataMijailovich S.; Prodanovic, Momcilo; Irving T.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Estimation of Shear Stress Variation in Extracellular Matrix Caused by Duchenne Muscular DystrophyProdanovic, Momcilo; Prodanović, Danica; Stojanović, Boban; Filipovic, Nenad; Jovicic, Gordana; Mijailovich S.
10.5937-jsscm1601050I.pdf.jpg2016High performance computing in multi-scale modeling, graph science and meta-heuristic optimizationIvanović, Miloš; Stojanović, Boban; Simic, Visnja; Kaplarević-Mališić, Ana; Ranković, Vladimir; Furtula, Boris; Mijailovich S.
Machine_Learned_Domain_Decomposition_Scheme_Applied_to_Parallel_Multi_scale_Simulations.pdf.jpg2019Machine learned domain decomposition scheme applied to parallel multi-scale muscle simulationIvanović, Miloš; Kaplarević-Mališić, Ana; Stojanović, Boban; Svičević, Marina; Mijailovich, Srboljub
10.1016-j.bpj.2017.01.021.pdf.jpg2017Modeling the Actin.myosin ATPase Cross-Bridge Cycle for Skeletal and Cardiac Muscle Myosin IsoformsMijailovich S.; Nedic D.; Svičević, Marina; Stojanović, Boban; Walklate J.; Ujfalusi Z.; Geeves, Michael
10.5937-jsscm1601034S.pdf.jpg2016Multi-modeling and multi-scale modeling as tools for solving complex realworld problemsStojanović, Boban; Ivanović, Miloš; Kaplarević-Mališić, Ana; Simic, Visnja; Milivojevic̀ M.; Nedic D.; Svičević, Marina; Milivojevic N.; Mijailovich S.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2020Multi-scale striated muscle contraction model linking sarcomere length-dependent cross-bridge kinetics to macroscopic deformationStojanović, Boban; Svičević, Marina; Kaplarević-Mališić, Ana; Gilbert, Richard; Mijailovich S.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2014Multiscale model predictions of X-ray diffraction patterns from nonuniformly stretched actin filamentsProdanovic M.; Irving T.; Stojanović, Boban; Mijailovich S.
jgp_202012604.pdf.jpg2021Multiscale modeling of twitch contractions in cardiac trabeculaeMijailovich S.; Prodanovic, Momcilo; Poggesi C.; Geeves, Michael; Regnier M.
10.1085-jgp.201812165.pdf.jpg2019Nebulin and titin modulate cross-bridge cycling and length-dependent calcium sensitivityMijailovich S.; Stojanović, Boban; Nedic D.; Svičević, Marina; Geeves, Michael; Irving T.; Granzier H.
10.1074-jbc.RA119.009825.pdf.jpg2019The ATPase cycle of human muscle myosin II isoforms: Adaptation of a single mechanochemical cycle for different physiological rolesJohnson C.; Walklate J.; Svičević, Marina; Mijailovich S.; Vera C.; Karabina A.; LEINWAND L.; Geeves, Michael
10.1016-j.yjmcc.2021.02.009.pdf.jpg2021The effect of variable troponin C mutation thin filament incorporation on cardiac muscle twitch contractionsMijailovich S.; Prodanovic, Momcilo; Poggesi C.; Powers J.; Davis J.; Geeves, Michael; Regnier M.
10.1085-jgp.201611608.pdf.jpg2016Three-dimensional stochastic model of actin-myosin binding in the sarcomere latticeMijailovich S.; Kayser-Herold O.; Stojanović, Boban; Nedic D.; Irving T.; Geeves, Michael
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Towards the development of a unified virtual population model in hypertrophic cardiomyopathyGrigoriadis G.; Pezoulas V.; Roumpi M.; Gkois G.; Tachos N.; Prodanovic, Momcilo; Prodanović, Danica; Stojanović, Boban; Mijailovich S.; Filipovic, Nenad; Fotiadis D.