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PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022EXO-D-MAPPS ATTENUATES PRODUCTION OF INFLAMMATORY CYTOKINES AND PROMOTED GENERATION OF IMMUNOSUPPRESSIVE PHENOTYPE IN PERIPHERAL BLOOD MONONUCLEAR CELLSHarrell C.; Simovic Markovic, Bojana; Fellabaum C.; Miloradovic, Dragica; Acovic A.; Miloradovic, Dragana; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa; Volarevic, Vladislav
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2020Low-dimensional compounds containing bioactive ligands. Part XIII: Square planar anti-cancer Pd(II) complexes with halogenderivatives of 8-quinolinol and dimethylamineLüköová A.; drweesh, Elsayed; Volarevic, Vladislav; Miloradovic, Dragana; Simovic Markovic, Bojana; Smolková, Romana; Samoľová, Erika; Kuchár J.; Vilková, Mária; Potočňák I.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022Low-dimensional compounds containing bioactive ligands. Part XVII: Synthesis, structural, spectral and biological properties of hybrid organic-inorganic complexes based on [PdCl<inf>4</inf>]<sup>2−</sup> with derivatives of 8-hydroxyquinoliniumdrweesh, Elsayed; Kuchárová, Veronika; Volarevic, Vladislav; Miloradovic, Dragana; Ilic A.; Radojevic, Ivana; Rakovic, Ivana; Smolková, Romana; Vilková, Mária; Sabolova D.; elnagar, MOHAMED; Potočňák I.
10.2478_sjecr-2018-0043.pdf.jpg2020Mesenchymal stem cells attenuate acute liver failure by promoting expansion of regulatory T cells in an indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase-dependent mannerMiloradovic, Dragana; Miloradovic, Dragica; Gazdic, Marina; Simovic Markovic, Bojana; Harrell C.; Fellabaum C.; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa; Lukic, Aleksandra; Volarevic, Vladislav