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10.1080-1331677X.2018.1456351.pdf.jpg2018An importance-performance analysis of destination competitiveness factors: case of Jablanica district in SerbiaDjeri L.; Stamenković P.; Blešić I.; Milićević, Snežana; Ivkov M.
0352-34622004103R.pdf.jpg2020The examination and assessment of winery business and contribution to the development of wine tourism of SerbiaRadović, Nikica; Milićević, Snežana
10.1553-ECO.MONT-13-SIS70.pdf.jpg2021Gender differences in visitor motivation and satisfaction: the case of Golija-Studenica Biosphere Reserve, SerbiaMilićević, Snežana; Krejić Ž.; Đorđević, Nevena
2620-02791801093K.pdf.jpg2018Human resources in the hotel industry of SerbiaKordić, Nikolina; Milićević, Snežana
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2020ICT as a factor of destination competitiveness: The case of the republics of former YugoslaviaMilićević, Snežana; Petrović J.; Đorđević, Nevena
document TISC 21 Natasa Djordjevic.pdf.jpg2021THE IMPACTS OF COVID-19 PANDEMIC ON THE TOURISM DEVELOPMENTĐorđević, Nataša; Milićević, Snežana
2620-02792101073Q.pdf.jpg2021Impacts of the music festival Lovefest on the attitudes of the local population in Vrnjačka BanjaĐorđević, Nataša; Podovac, Milena; Milićević, Snežana; Stojanović, Đorđe
10.1553-0X003C9D9A.pdf.jpg2021Motives for visiting the national parks of SerbiaKrejić Ž.; Milićević, Snežana
0023-51641861039K.pdf.jpg2018Nastanak putničko-agencijske delatnosti u Jugoslaviji kao pokretač razvoja kulture putovanjaKrejić, Živana; Milićević, Snežana
10.35784-pe.2022.1.06.pdf.jpg2022Natural resources in function of sustainable and competitive tourism development of the eu countriesStanišić, Tanja; Milićević, Snežana; Krstić, Bojan
0352-34622001223M.pdf.jpg2020Research on tourists' attitudes on the potential of Goč mountain for the development of eco-tourismMilićević, Snežana; Đorđević, Nataša; Krejić, Živana
0352-34621901205P.pdf.jpg2019Rural tourism in the function of life quality improvement of rural population on Goč mountainPodovac, Milena; Đorđević, Nataša; Milićević, Snežana
10.23947-2334-8496-2021-9-1-63-74.pdf.jpg2021Students’ perception and attitudes toward faculty image on social networksVukiĆ ević M.; Milićević, Snežana; Vukić K.; VukiĆ ević M.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Sustainable tourism development in mountain areas in Šumadija and Western SerbiaMilićević, Snežana; Bošković, Nikola; Lakicevic, Marija
0352-34621802843K.pdf.jpg2018Sustainable tourism development of mountain tourism destinations in SerbiaKostić, Marija; Lakicevic, Marija; Milićević, Snežana
2620-02792001059S.pdf.jpg2020SWOT analysis of wine tourism development opportunities in the Trstenik vineyard districtStojković, Jelena; Milićević, Snežana
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2017The information and communications technology as a factor of destination competitiveness in transition countries in European UnionPetrović J.; Milićević, Snežana; Djeri L.