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PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021A new bis-pyrazolylpyridine ruthenium(iii) complex as a potential anticancer drug:in vitroandin vivoactivity in murine colon cancerLazic, Dejan; Scheurer A.; Ćoćić, Dušan; Milovanovic, Jelena; Arsenijevic A.; Stojanovic B.; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa; Milovanovic, Marija; Rilak Simović A.
10.3390-molecules25204699.pdf.jpg2020Antitumor activity of ruthenium(II) terpyridine complexes towards colon cancer cells in vitro and in vivoSavic M.; Arsenijevic A.; Milovanovic, Jelena; Stojanovic B.; Stankovic, Vesna; Simović, Ana; Lazic, Dejan; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa; Milovanovic, Marija
10.3390-nu13031022.pdf.jpg2021Article hepatoprotective effect of mixture of dipropyl polysulfides in concanavalin a-induced hepatitisArsenijevic D.; Stojanovic B.; Milovanovic, Jelena; Arsenijevic A.; Simic M.; Pergal, Marija; Kodranov, Igor; Cvetkovic O.; Vojvodic, Danilo; Ristanović E.; Manojlović, Dragan; Milovanovic, Marija; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022Autoimmunity and psychosisBorovcanin, Milica; Muric, Nemanja; Milovanovic, Marija; Milovanovic, Jelena; Arsenijević, Aleksandar; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa; Vesić, Katarina
10.1515-SJECR-2017-0022.pdf.jpg2017Bacterial flora play important roles in acute dextran sulphate sodium-induced colitis but are not involved in Gal-3 dependent modulation of colon inflammationMarkovic B.; Milosavljevic N.; Arsenijevic A.; Gazdic, Marina; Lukic, Miodrag; Volarevic, Vladislav
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022CAR T Cell Therapy for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: Successes and ShortcomingsTodorovic Z.; Jakovcev-Todorovic D.; Grbovic-Markovic V.; Ladjevac N.; Zdravković N.; Djurdjevic, Predrag; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa; Milovanovic, Marija; Arsenijevic A.; Milovanovic, Jelena
10.2298-VSP190703096K.pdf.jpg2021Chemical and pharmacological characterization of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of Cyclamen hederifolium Ait. (Primulaceae) tuberKojicic K.; Arsenijevic A.; Markovic M.; Jovanovic V.; Simić, Zoran; Tadić V.; Cupara S.
Drug Testing and Analysis - 2022 - Caruso - Comparative assessment of electronic nicotine delivery systems aerosol and.pdf.jpg2022Comparative assessment of electronic nicotine delivery systems aerosol and cigarette smoke on endothelial cell migration: The Replica ProjectCaruso, Massimo; Emma, Rosalia; Distefano A.; Rust S.; Poulas, Konstantinos; Giordano, Antonio; Volarevic, Vladislav; Mesiakaris K.; Boffo S.; Arsenijevic, Aleksandar; Karanasios G.; Pulvirenti R.; Ilic, Aleksandar; Canciello, Angelo; ZUCCARELLO, Pietro; Ferrante, Margherita; Polosa R.; Li Volti, Giovanni
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Contrasting roles of the galectin-3 in the schizophrenia onset, clinical presentation, and somatic comorbidityBorovcanin, Milica; Radosavljevic, Gordana; Pantic, Jelena; Milovanovic, Jelena; Mijailovic, Natasa; Arsenijevic A.; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa
10.1002-lt.25049.pdf.jpg2018Crosstalk between mesenchymal stem cells and T regulatory cells is crucially important for the attenuation of acute liver injuryGazdic, Marina; Markovic B.; Arsenijevic A.; Jovicic, Nemanja; Acovic A.; Harrell C.; Fellabaum, Crissy; Djonov V.; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa; Lukic, Miodrag; Volarevic, Vladislav
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2016Cytotoxicity of copper(II)-complexes with some S-alkyl derivatives of thiosalicylic acid. Crystal structure of the binuclear copper(II)-complex with S-ethyl derivative of thiosalicylic acidNikolic, Milos; Mijajlovic M.; Jevtić, Verica; Ratković, Zoran; Novakovic, Sladjana B.; Bogdanovic, Goran A.; Milovanovic, Jelena; Arsenijevic A.; Stojanovic B.; Trifunović, Srećko; Radic G.
10.20450-mjcce.2016.729.pdf.jpg2016Cytotoxicity of platinum(iv) and palladium(ii) complexes with meso-1,2-diphenyl-ethylenediamine-N,N'-DI-3-propanoic acid. crystal structure of [pd(1,2-dpheddp)] complexMijajlovic M.; Nikolic, Milos; Jevtić, Verica; Ratković, Zoran; Milovanovic, Jelena; Arsenijevic A.; Stojanovic B.; Novakovic, Sladjana B.; Bogdanovic, Goran A.; Trifunović, Srećko; Radic G.
10.1038-srep23348.pdf.jpg2016Deletion of Galectin-3 Enhances Xenobiotic Induced Murine Primary Biliary Cholangitis by Facilitating Apoptosis of BECs and Release of AutoantigensArsenijevic A.; Milovanovic, Marija; Milovanovic, Jelena; Stojanovic B.; Zdravković N.; Leung P.; LIU F.; Gershwin M.; Lukic, Miodrag
10.1039-c5dt04132e.pdf.jpg2016DNA binding properties, histidine interaction and cytotoxicity studies of water soluble ruthenium(II) terpyridine complexesLazic, Dejan; Arsenijevic A.; Puchta, Ralph; Bugarčić Z.; Rilak, Ana
10.1155-2018-8031328.pdf.jpg2018Fecal galectin-3: a new promising biomarker for severity and progression of colorectal carcinomaJovanovic M.; Gajovic, Nevena; Zdravkovic, Natasa; Jovanovic, Marina; Jurisevic, Milena; Vojvodic, Danilo; Maric V.; Arsenijević, Aleksandar; Jovanovic, Ivan
10.3389-fimmu.2019.01309.pdf.jpg2019Gal-3 deficiency suppresses novosphyngobium aromaticivoransinflammasome activation and IL-17 driven autoimmune cholangitis in miceArsenijevic A.; Milovanovic, Jelena; Stojanovic B.; Djordjevic, Dragana; Stanojevic, Ivan; Janković, Nenad; Vojvodic, Danilo; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa; Lukic, Miodrag; Milovanovic, Marija
10.3389-fmicb.2019.00185.pdf.jpg2019Galectin-3 deficiency facilitates TNF-α-dependent hepatocyte death and liver inflammation in MCMV infectionStojanovic B.; Milovanovic, Jelena; Arsenijevic A.; Stojanovic B.; Geljic I.; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa; Jonjic S.; Lukic, Miodrag; Milovanovic, Marija
10.3390-ijms21145097.pdf.jpg2020Galectin-3 in inflammasome activation and primary biliary cholangitis developmentArsenijević, Aleksandar; Stojanovic B.; Milovanovic, Jelena; Arsenijevic D.; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa; Milovanovic, Marija
10.3389-fphar.2021.638258.pdf.jpg2021Galectin-3, Possible Role in Pathogenesis of Periodontal Diseases and Potential Therapeutic TargetVelickovic M.; Arsenijevic A.; Acovic A.; Arsenijevic D.; Milovanovic, Jelena; Dimitrijević J.; Todorovic Z.; Milovanovic, Marija; Kanjevac, Tatjana; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021In vitro and in vivoactivity of series of cationic dinuclearPt(II) complexesVasić I.; Rajković, Snežana; Arsenijevic A.; Milovanovic, Marija; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa; Milovanovic, Jelena; Zivkovic, Marija