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hm2021.pdf.jpg2021Adaptive dynamic programming based optimal control for hydraulic servo actuatorDjordjevic, Vladimir; Menezes Morato, Marcelo; Stojanović, Vladimir
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2016Application of cuckoo search algorithm to constrained control problem of a parallel robot platformStojanović, Vladimir; Nedić, Novak; Pršić, Dragan; Dubonjic, Ljubisa; Đorđević, Vladimir
IJMCS2012.pdf.jpg2012Bond Graph Modeling In SimscapePršić, Dragan; Nedić, Novak; Dubonjic, Ljubisa; Đorđević, Vladimir
tie2018.pdf.jpg2018A Constructive Approach to Teaching with Robotino®Pršić, Dragan; Stojanović, Vladimir; Đorđević, Vladimir
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2013Cuckoo Search algorithm: A metaheuristic approach to solving the problem of optimum synthesis of a six-bar double dwell linkageBulatovic, Radovan; Đorđevic, Stevan; Đorđević, Vladimir
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022DATA-DRIVEN CONTROL OF HYDRAULIC SERVO ACTUATOR BASED ON ADAPTIVE DYNAMIC PROGRAMMINGĐorđević, Vladimir; Stojanović, Vladimir; Tao H.; Song X.; He R.; Gao, Weinan
mbe-20-05-376.pdf.jpg2023Data-driven control of hydraulic servo actuator: An event-triggered adaptive dynamic programming approachDjordjevic, Vladimir; Tao, Hongfeng; Song, Xiaona; He, Shuping; Gao, Weinan; Stojanović, Vladimir
10.2298-HEMIND170529007D.pdf.jpg2018Design of an H<inf>∞</inf> PI controller with given relative stability and its application to the CSTR problemDubonjic, Ljubisa; Filipovic, Vojislav; Nedić, Novak; Đorđević V.
hm2017_dubonjic.pdf.jpg2017Design of Fixed Order H∞ Controllers with Specified Settling Time using D-DecompositionDubonjic, Ljubisa; Filipovic, Vojislav; Nedić, Novak; Djordjevic, Vladimir
fc_acr2015.pdf.jpg2015Design of robust recursive identification algorithms for large-scale stochastic systemsFilipovic, Vojislav; Đorđević, Vladimir
icpe2013.pdf.jpg2013Determination of the Describing Function of Nozzle-flapper Type Pneumatic Valve With Two PortsPršić, Dragan; Dubonjic, Ljubisa; Djordjevic, Vladimir
hm2023.pdf.jpg2023Event-triggered adaptive dynamic programming based optimal control for hydraulic servo actuatorDjordjevic, Vladimir; Stojanovic, Vladimir; Tao, Hongfeng; Song, Xiaona; He, Shuping; Gao, Weinan
PhD_Thesis_Djordjevic_2023.pdf.jpg2023Inteligentni regulatori zasnovani na adaptivnom dinamičkom programiranjuĐorđević, Vladimir
SAUM2012 Djordjevic & Brasic.pdf.jpg2012The Methods for Synthesis and Analysis Controlled Time Delay System with Required Damping FactorĐorđević, Vladimir; Brašić, Vesna
2812-94742201007Q.pdf.jpg2022Observer-based fault estimation in steer-by-wire vehicleĐorđević, Vladimir; Stojanović, Vladimir; Pršić, Dragan; Dubonjic, Ljubisa; Menezes Morato, Marcelo
cometa2018.pdf.jpg2018Ocenjivanje parametara premisa TS modela za nelinearne racionalne sisteme sa poremećajimaFilipovic, Vojislav; Đorđević, Vladimir
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2014Optimal cascade hydraulic control for a parallel robot platform by PSONedić, Novak; Pršić, Dragan; Dubonjic, Ljubisa; Stojanović, Vladimir; Đorđević, Vladimir
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2015Optimal control of hydraulically driven parallel robot platform based on firefly algorithmNedić, Novak; Stojanović, Vladimir; Đorđević, Vladimir
ai2013.pdf.jpg2013Optimal Tuning of PID Controllers for a Hydraulically Driven Parallel Robot Platform Based on Firefly AlgorithmNedić, Novak; Pršić, Dragan; Dubonjic, Ljubisa; Stojanović, Vladimir; Djordjevic, Vladimir
Jupiter2012.pdf.jpg2012Optimizacija Parametara PID Regulatora za Upravljanje Inverznim KlatnomPršić, Dragan; Đorđević, Vladimir; Tanović, Ljubodrag