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10.2298-YJOR170217023J.pdf.jpg13-Sep-2018A multi-criteria decision-making approach to performance evaluation of mutual funds: A case study in SerbiaJakšić, Milena M.; Mimović, Predrag; Leković, Miljan
0352-34622002585D.pdf.jpg2020Agricultural enterprises and economic growth: A regional analysis in the Republic of SerbiaDimitrijević, Miloš; Vrzina, Stefan; Leković, Miljan
1450-863X1903255L.pdf.jpg2019Behavioral portfolio theory and behavioral asset pricing model as an alternative to standard finance conceptsLeković, Miljan
2620-02791902025D.pdf.jpg2019A bibliometric analysis of Crossref agritourism literature indexed in Web of ScienceDimitrovski, Darko; Leković, Miljan; Joukes, Veronika
0352-34622004265L.pdf.jpg2020Evaluative bibliometric analysis of recent trends in rural tourism literatureLeković, Miljan; Cvijanović, Drago; Pantić, Nemanja; Stanišić, Tanja
0352-34621802745L.pdf.jpg2018Farmland real estate investment trustsLeković, Miljan; Cvijanović, Drago; Jakšić, Milena M.
10.17707-AgricultForest.66.2.02.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2020Indicators of agricultural and rural development in the east central and south-east European countriesCvijanovic D.; Stanišić, Tanja; Leković, Miljan; Kostic M.
1450-863X1802173L.pdf.jpg2018Investment diversification as a strategy for reducing investment riskLeković, Miljan
10.5937-sjm15-21145.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2020PORTFOLIO PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF MUTUAL FUNDS IN THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIALeković, Miljan; Jakšić, Milena M.; Gnjatović, Dragana
10.5937-IJCRSEE1903049S.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2019Relationship between the quality of higher education and balkan countries’ competitivenessStanišić, Nenad; Leković, Miljan; Stosic, Lazar
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2021The performativity of the tourism specialism knowledge network: sporting event economic impact assessmentDimitrovski, Darko; Leković, Miljan; Đurađević M.