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PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022RELATION BETWEEN OXIDATIVE STRESS AND CAROTID ARTERY ATHEROSCLEROSIS IN HEMODYALISIS PATIENTSAntić K.; Draginic, Nevena; Jovanovic M.; Nikolić, Tomislav; Jeremić N.; Zivkovic, Vladimir; Srejovic, Ivan; Petrovic, Dejan; Jakovljevic, Vladimir
10.1515-SJECR-2016-0009.pdf.jpg2016Renovascular hypertension: Clinical features, differential diagnoses and basic principles of treatmentPetrovic, Dejan; Sreckovic M.; Nikolic V.; Zivkovic-Radojevic M.; Miloradović V.
10.5937-mckg48-4232.pdf.jpg2014Secondary hyperparathyroidism and cardiorenal syndrome type iv: Etiopathogenesis, clinical significance and treatmentLabudovic T.; Nedeljković B.; Petrovic, Dejan; Poskurica, Mileta
10.2298-VSP141218024P.pdf.jpg2016Secondary hyperparathyroidism in chronic renal disease – Etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and treatmentPoskurica, Mileta; Poskurica, Mina; Petrovic, Dejan
10.1515-SJECR-2016-0056.pdf.jpg2016Secondary hypertension: Differential diagnosis and basic principles of treatmentJacovic S.; Zivkovic-Radojevic M.; Petrovic, Dejan
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Standardized Aronia melanocarpa extract regulates redox status in patients receiving hemodialysis with anemiaMilosavljevic I.; Jakovljevic, Vladimir; Petrovic, Dejan; Draginic, Nevena; Jeremic, Jovana; Mitrovic M.; Zivkovic, Vladimir; Srejovic, Ivan; Stojic, Vladislava; Bolevich, Sergey; Andjelkovic N.
10.2298-VSP170714008O.pdf.jpg2019Successful treatment of idiopathic retroperitoneal fibrosis with combined immunosuppressive therapyObrencević K.; Petrovic, Dejan; Aleksić P.; Petrovic M.; Rancic, Nemanja; Jovanovic D.; Nikolić B.; Mijuskovic M.; Vavic N.; Ignjatovic L.; Maksic D.
10.1515-SJECR-2017-0044.pdf.jpg2017The association between obesity and visit-to-visit variability in systolic blood pressure: A prospective studyStojanović E.; Ilic M.; Ilić K.; Tasic N.; Ilic B.; Petrovic, Dejan; Dragisic D.; djukic, aleksandar; Jovanovic M.
10.5937-mckg49-10284.pdf.jpg2015The complement system and glomerular kidney diseases: Etiopathogenesis, diagnostics and treatmentCvetkovic M.; Kostovic M.; Petrovic, Dejan
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2020The influence of folic acid-induced acute kidney injury on cardiac function and redox status in ratsNikolic L.; Petrovic, Dejan; Matic M.; Nikolic Turnic T.; Jeremic, Jovana; Radonjic K.; Srejovic I.; Zivkovic V.; Bolevich, Sergey Brankovich; Bolevich, Sergey; Jakovljevic V.
10.2298-VSP190730097A.pdf.jpg2021The influence of Vitamin E-coated dialysis membrane on oxidative stress during a single session of on-line hemodiafiltrationAntic J.; Draginic N.; Pilčevic D.; Zivkovic V.; Srejovic I.; Jeremić N.; Petrovic, Dejan; Jakovljevic V.
0042-84501500067S.pdf.jpg2015The significance of adiponectin as a biomarker in metabolic syndrome and/or coronary artery diseaseStojanović, Sanja; Deljanin-Ilić, Marina; Ilic, Stevan; Petrovic, Dejan; Đukić, Svetlana
10.1515-SJECR-2016-0026.pdf.jpg2017Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura: Etiopathogenesis, diagnostics and basic principles of treatmentTodorovic Z.; Jovanovic M.; Todorovic, Danijela; Petrovic, Dejan; Djurdjevic, Predrag
10.5937-mckg49-9065.pdf.jpg2015Thyroid function in haemodialysis patientsLazarevic M.; Petrovic, Dejan; Mladenovic, Violeta; Jovanovic, Svetlana; Radotić F.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2018Tissue and urinary KIM-1 relate to tumor characteristics in patients with clear renal cell carcinomaMijuskovic M.; Stanojevic, Ivan; Milovic N.; Cerović S.; Petrovic, Dejan; Maksic D.; Kovacevic B.; Andjelic T.; Aleksić P.; Terzic B.; Djukic, Mirjana; Vojvodic, Danilo
1820-86651901033P.pdf.jpg2019Tumor necrosis factor-alpha as differential diagnostic marker for patients with fever of unknown originPopovska Jovicic, Biljana; Rakovic, Ivana; Petrovic, Sara; Čanović, Petar; Petrovic, Dejan; Sekulic, Sofija; Jovanovic, Ivan; Jovicic, Nemanja
10.24874-IJQR13.03-11.pdf.jpg2019Two-stage model for the evaluation suppliers in different types of supply chainsPetrovic, Dejan; Mimović, Predrag
10.2298-VSP150124006M.pdf.jpg2016Urinary KIM-1 and AQP-1 in patients with clear renal cell carcinoma: Potential noninvasive biomarkersMijuskovic M.; Stanojevic, Ivan; Milovic N.; Cerović S.; Petrovic, Dejan; Jovanovic D.; Aleksić P.; Kovacevic B.; Andjelic T.; Terzic B.; Djukic, Mirjana; Vojvodic, Danilo
10.2298-VSP170808138T.pdf.jpg2019Urinary transferrin as an early biomarker of diabetic nephropathyTerzic B.; Stanojevic, Ivan; Radojicic Z.; Resan M.; Petrovic, Dejan; Maksic D.; Djekić J.; Ristic P.; Petrovic M.; Mijuskovic M.