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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
0354-51801203473D.pdf.jpg2012A note on convergence in measure and selection principlesĐurčić, Dragan; Kocinac, Ljubisa
10.2298-FIL1206291D.pdf.jpg2012Note on selection principles of KočinacĐurčić, Dragan; Žižović, Mališa; Petojević Aleksandar
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2015On a subclass of the class of rapidly varying sequencesĐurčić, Dragan; Elez N.; Kočinac L.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022ON RAPID EQUIVALENCE AND TRANSLATIONAL RAPID EQUIVALENCETimotić V.; Đurčić, Dragan; Žižović, Mališa
ON RAPID EQUIVALENCE AND TRANSLATIONAL RAPID - 2022.pdf.jpg2022On Rapid Equivalence and Translational Rapid EquivalenceTimotić, Valentina; Đurčić, Dragan; Žižović, Mališa
AADM-2022.pdf.jpg2022On rapidly varying sequencesTimotić, Valentina; Đurčić, Dragan; Kocinac, Ljubisa
10.2298-FIL1501007T.pdf.jpg2015On Slowly Varying SequencesTimotić, Valentina; Đurčić, Dragan; Nikolić, Rale
2012-On the class S0 of real sequences.pdf.jpg2012On the class S0 of real sequencesĐurčić, Dragan; Kocinac, Ljubisa; Žižović, Mališa
2014-Filomat.pdf.jpg2014Rapid variability and Karamata’s integral theoremElez, Nebojsa; Đurčić, Dragan
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2018Regular and Rapid Variations and Some ApplicationsKočinac L.; Đurčić, Dragan; Manojlović J.
2015-Hacettepe sam.pdf.jpg2014Representation and characterization of rapidly varying functionsElez, Nebojša; Đurčić, Dragan
2014-Hacettepe.pdf.jpg2013Selection principles and double sequences IICASERTA, Agata; Đurčić, Dragan; MİTROVİĆ, Melanija
1-s2.0-S0022247X12009870-main.pdf.jpg2013Some properties of rapidly varying functionsElez, Nebojša; Đurčić, Dragan
2011-Summability of Sequences and Selection Properties.pdf.jpg2011Summability of Sequences and Selection PropertiesĐurčić, Dragan; Kocinac, Ljubisa; Žižović, Mališa
2015-Filomat 2.pdf.jpg2015Summation of double sequences and selection principlesElez, Nebojsa; Đurčić, Dragan; sebekovic, aleksandar
10.2298-FIL1104029D.pdf.jpg2011The weak and the strong equivalence relation and the asymptotic inversionĐurčić, Dragan; Mitrović I.; Janjić M.
2021-Publication.pdf.jpg2021A THEORY OF VARIATIONS VIA P-STATISTICAL CONVERGENCEDemirci, Kamil; Đurčić, Dragan; Kočinac, Ljubiša; Yildiz, Sevda
2011-LMJ.pdf.jpg2011The weak and strong asymptotic equivalence relations and the generalized inverse*Đurčić, Dragan; Nikolić, Rale; Torgašev A.
2010-LMJ radna verzija.pdf.jpg2010The weak asymptotic equivalence and the generalized inverseĐurčić, Dragan; Nikolić, Rale; Torgašev A.