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PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022Pollution of Small Lakes and Ponds of the Western Balkans—Assessment of Levels of Potentially Toxic ElementsMilošković, Aleksandra; Đuretanović, Simona; Radenković, Milena; Kojadinović N.; Velickovic S.; Milošević D.; Simić, Vladica
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2018Potentially toxic elements in freshwater (Alburnus spp.) and marine (Sardina pilchardus) sardines from the Western Balkan Peninsula: An assessment of human health risk and managementMilošković, Aleksandra; Milošević D.; Radojković N.; Radenković, Milena; Đuretanović, Simona; Velickovic M.; Simić, Vladica
10.1007-s11356-021-17865-w.pdf.jpg2022Potentially toxic elements in invasive fish species Prussian carp (Carassius gibelio) from different freshwater ecosystems and human exposure assessmentMilošković, Aleksandra; Stojković Piperac M.; Kojadinović N.; Radenković, Milena; Đuretanović, Simona; Cerba D.; Milošević D.; Simić, Vladica
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2016Spatial monitoring of heavy metals in the inland waters of Serbia: a multispecies approach based on commercial fishMilošković, Aleksandra; Dojčinović, Biljana; Đuretanović, Simona; Radojković N.; Radenković, Milena; Milošević D.; Simić, Vladica
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2013The accumulation and distribution of metals in water, sediment, aquatic macrophytes and fishes of the Gruža Reservoir, SerbiaMilošković, Aleksandra; Branković, Snežana; Simić, Vladica; Đuretanović, Simona; Ćirković M.; Manojlović, Dragan