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PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2011Knowledge of the pharmacological profile of a patient improves the quality of prescribing, the outcomes of treatment, and the utilization of health services in primary health careStefanovic, Srdjan; Jankovic, Slobodan
10.3906-sag-1510-142.pdf.jpg2017Factors associated with the rate of COPD exacerbations that require hospitalizationPavlovic, Radisa; Stefanovic, Srdjan; Lazic Z.; Jankovic, Slobodan
10.2478-s11536-011-0076-3.pdf.jpg2011Changes of platelets' function in preeclampsiaBabic, Goran; Novokmet, Slobodan; Jankovic, Slobodan
10.2298-NTRP1802223M.pdf.jpg2018Alarm system for surveillance of patients receiving high doses of radioiodine (<sup>131</sup>I) therapy in the case of unauthorised abandoning of a controlled areaMatovic, Milovan; Ravlic M.; Jeremic M.; Jankovic, Slobodan; Vlajkovic M.
10.1248-bpb.33.1176.pdf.jpg2010A nonlinear mixed effects modelling analysis of topiramate pharmacokinetics in patients with epilepsyVovk, Tomaz; Jakovljevic, Mihajlo; Kerec Kos M.; Jankovic, Slobodan; Mrhar A.; Grabnar, Iztok
10.5937-mckg51-16565.pdf.jpg2017Hospital infections rate and health staff density in a neonatology departmentDordević Z.; Ristic Medic D.; Savić Zdravković, Dimitrija; Simovic, Aleksandra; Jankovic, Slobodan
10.1515-bjmg-2016-0003.pdf.jpg2016The influence of CYP2C8∗3 on carbamazepine serum concentration in epileptic pediatric patientsMilovanovic, Dragan; Milovanovic, Jasmina; Radovanović M.; Radosavljevic, Ivan; Obradovic, Slobodan; Jankovic, Slobodan; Milovanovic, Dragan; Djordjevic, Natasa
10.2298-VSP140909090I.pdf.jpg2016Drug-related problems in patients with osteoporosisIlic, Dragana; Bukumirič Z.; Jankovic, Slobodan
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2011Quality of life of schizophrenic patients treated with haloperidol depot and injection preparation of long-lasting risperidone.Mihajlovic, Goran; Jovanovic-Mihajlovic N.; Radmanovic, Branimir; Radonjic K.; Djukić Dejanović S.; Jankovic, Slobodan; Janjić V.; Milovanovic N.; Milun Petrović D.; Tomic K.
10.2478-s11536-013-0158-5.pdf.jpg2013Population pharmacokinetic of antiepileptic drugs in different populationsMilovanovic, Jasmina; Jankovic, Slobodan