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10.1515-SJECR-2015-0044.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2016Zinc and gold complexes in the treatment of breast cancerBenazic S.; Silconi Z.; Milovanovic, Jelena; Arsenijevic A.; Stojanovic B.; Milovanovic, Marija; Kanjevac, Tatjana
10.7150-ijbs.20240.pdf.jpg5-Sep-2017Mesenchymal stem cell-dependent modulation of liver diseasesGazdic, Marina; Arsenijevic A.; Markovic B.; Volarevic, Ana; Dimova I.; Djonov V.; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa; Stojkovíc M.; Volarevic, Vladislav
10.1155-2017-7492836.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2017Mesenchymal Stem Cells as New Therapeutic Agents for the Treatment of Primary Biliary CholangitisArsenijevic A.; Harrell C.; Fellabaum, Crissy; Volarevic, Vladislav
10.3390-ijms18010006.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2017Stem cells and labeling for spinal cord injuryGazdic, Marina; Volarevic, Vladislav; Arsenijevic A.; Erceg S.; Moreno-Manzano V.; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa; Stojkovíc M.
10.3389-fimmu.2020.00947.pdf.jpg3-Jun-2020Interleukin-17 in Chronic Inflammatory Neurological DiseasesMilovanovic, Jelena; Arsenijevic A.; Stojanovic B.; Kanjevac, Tatjana; Arsenijevic D.; Radosavljevic, Gordana; Milovanovic, Marija; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa
10.1515-SJECR-2015-0048.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2016Regulatory role of peritoneal B cells in EAEStojanovic B.; Milovanovic, Jelena; Arsenijevic A.; Milovanovic, Marija; Lukic, Miodrag
10.1515-SJECR-2016-0042.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2016Platinum complexes with edda ethylenediamine n, n diacetate ligands as potential anticancer agentsJurisevic M.; Radosavljevic, Gordana; Arsenijevic A.; Milovanovic, Marija; Gajovic N.; Djordjevic, Dragana; Milovanovic, Jelena; Stojanovic B.; Ilic A.; Sabo, Tibor; Kanjevac, Tatjana
10.2478-SJECR-2018-0032.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2019Therapeutic potential of “exosomes derived multiple allogeneic proteins paracrine signaling: Exosomes d-mapps” is based on the effects of exosomes, immunosuppressive and trophic factorsHarrell C.; Fellabaum, Crissy; Markovic B.; Arsenijevic A.; Volarevic, Vladislav
10.1155-2019-7869130.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2019Therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cells and their secretome in the treatment of glaucomaHarrell C.; Fellabaum, Crissy; Arsenijevic A.; Markovic B.; Djonov V.; Volarevic, Vladislav
10.3389-fphar.2021.638258.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2021Galectin-3, Possible Role in Pathogenesis of Periodontal Diseases and Potential Therapeutic TargetVelickovic M.; Arsenijevic A.; Acovic A.; Arsenijevic D.; Milovanovic, Jelena; Dimitrijević J.; Todorovic Z.; Milovanovic, Marija; Kanjevac, Tatjana; Arsenijevic, Nebojsa