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Title: Integrativni pristup u pedagoško- -metodičkim idejama Sretena M. Adžića
Authors: Cekić-Jovanović, Olivera
Mihajlović, Aleksandra
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Through his pedagogical ideas and work, Sreten Adžić, the first principal of the Male Teacher Training School in Jagodina, laid the foundations of the contemporary pedagogy and methodology, and as a creator of the concept of the holistic personality development through education, he had a strong influence on educational movements in Serbia at the time. Being ahead of his time, Adžić’s views contributed to the development of the teaching and learning model that is used in schools today. The modernity of Adžić’s ideas is reflected in the fact that they are embedded in the strategy for educational development and legal regulations in the field of education of the Republic of Serbia. The paper analyses the contemporaneity of pedagogical-methodical views of Sreten Adžić in his published works and notes. The theoretical research results show that essential features and different forms of integrated approach to teaching and learning can be recognized in his work (implementation of outdoor teaching and learning, integration of education and work, integration of theory and practice and integration of knowledge and skills of different school subjects). Furthermore, in Adžić’s detailed notes about lessons and teaching experiences it is possible to find elements of didactical principles that represent the basis of modern and effective education.
Type: article
ISSN: 1451-673X
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