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Title: Teaching and learning inspired optimization algorithms: A review
Authors: Ristic, Olga
Milunović Koprivica, Sandra
Milošević, Marjan
Journal: Proceedings TIE 2022 9th International Scientific Conference Technics and Informatics in Education
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: Social Human Behaviour algorithms are the next step in nature inspired algorithms development. In the past decade these are proved to be useful for various optimisation tasks. The paper provided a global preview of existing algorithms of this kind and focused on two specific algorithms, inspired by teaching and learning process: Teaching Learning Based Optimization and Group Teaching Optimisation algorithms. The algorithms' structure and flow are thoroughly explained and illustrated. A preview of algorithms' application is reported, based on the recent research. It is concluded that this kind of algorithms can be aplied in various industry areas and that further research in this field is reqired.
Type: conferenceObject
DOI: 10.46793/TIE22.302R
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