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Title: Comparative analysis competencies in traditional and agile project management approaches
Authors: Savković, Marija
Komatina, Nikola
Nestic, Snezana
Gojković, Ranka
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: In order for the project to be successfully implemented, each individual involved in the project must possess appropriate competencies and skills. Competencies/skills have a great influence when assembling the project team itself and when deciding on the inclusion of new members in the existing project team. In particular, the competencies and skills of the project manager have an impact on the successful realization of the project's goals. The members of the project team must possess certain competencies/skills in order to successfully cooperate with each other and to successfully implement the tasks assigned to them. The main goal of this research paper is a comparative review and analysis of competencies/skills in traditional and agile project management approaches. Also, the paper highlights the roles, responsibilities and powers of each team member, both in the traditional and in the agile approach.
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