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10.3390-su12218764.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2020Energy recovery through end-of-life vehicles recycling in developing countriesPetronijević V.; Ðorđdević A.; Stefanovic, Miladin; Arsovski S.; Krivokapić Ž.; Mišić, Milan
10.1155-2014-418085.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2014Evaluation and ranking of organizational resilience factors by using a two-step fuzzy AHP and fuzzy TOPSISTadić D.; Aleksic, Aleksandar; Stefanovic, Miladin; Arsovski S.
10.1109-ACCESS.2019.2934561.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2019Decision Support System for Dimensional Inspection of Extruded Rubber ProfilesVukicevic A.; Djapan M.; Todorovic, Petar; Erić, Milan; Stefanovic, Miladin; Macuzic, Ivan
10.4018-jwp.2012070102.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2012Vulnerabilities of virtual and networked organizationsArsovski, Zora; Arsovski S.; Aleksic, Aleksandar; Stefanovic, Miladin; Tadić D.
10.1177-1687814016663477.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2016Production process parameter optimization with a new model based on a genetic algorithm and ABC classification methodEric M.; Stefanovic, Miladin; Djordjevic, Aleksandar; Stefanovic N.; Mišić, Milan; Abadic, Nebojsa; Popovic P.
10.24874-ti.2018.40.04.15.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2018Application of artificial neural network in biotribological research of dental glass ceramicPantić, Marko; Dordević A.; Eric M.; Mitrovic, Slobodan; Babic M.; Dzunic, Dragan; Stefanovic, Miladin
10.5194-nhess-17-261-2017.pdf.jpg23-Feb-2017The evaluation and enhancement of quality, environmental protection and seaport safety by using FAHPTadić D.; Aleksic, Aleksandar; Popovic P.; Arsovski S.; Castelli, Ana; Joksimovic, Dusan ; Stefanovic, Miladin
10.24874-ti.2018.40.04.06.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2018Experts system based on the neural network and mobile database in the field galvanic metal coatingDordević A.; Jovanovic D.; Nedic B.; Lukić D.; Stefanovic, Miladin; Eric M.
10.5937-jaes11-3271.pdf.jpg4-Apr-2013The evaluation of quality goals at the process level in a uncertain environmentPuskaric H.; Tadić D.; Misita, Mirjana; Stefanovic, Miladin; Milanović D.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2013Optimization of the maintenance process using genetic algorithmsNestic, Snezana; Djordjevic, Aleksandar; Aleksic, Aleksandar; Macuzic, Ivan; Stefanovic, Miladin