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10.1186-s12967-015-0479-z.pdf.jpg12-Dec-2015Favorable in vitro effects of combined IL-12 and IL-18 treatment on NK cell cytotoxicity and CD25 receptor expression in metastatic melanoma patientsMirjacic Martinović K.; Babovic N.; Dzodic, Radan; Jurisic, Vladimir; Matkovic S.; Konjević G.
10.1155-2020-1973241.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2020EGFR Polymorphism and Survival of NSCLC Patients Treated with TKIs: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisJurisic, Vladimir; Vukovic V.; Obradović, Jasmina; Gulyaeva, Lyudmila; Kushlinskii, Nikolay; Djordjevic, Natasa
10.3389-fimmu.2018.02378.pdf.jpg18-Oct-2018Antibody epitope specificity for dsDNA phosphate backbone is an intrinsic property of the heavy chain variable germline gene segment usedSrdic-Rajic, Tatjana; Kohler H.; Jurisic, Vladimir; Metlaš R.
10.2298-AOO1301014D.pdf.jpg11-Nov-2013Values of alkaline phosphathase and their isoenzyme profiles in patients with cancer in respect to bone and liver metastasisDokić-Lišanin M.; Pantovic, Vesna; Jovanovic, Zorica; Samardzic G.; Jurisic, Vladimir
10.2478-s11536-011-0127-9.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2012Erysipelas in breast cancer patients after the radical mastectomyMatijasevic M.; Dekic N.; Kolarevic D.; Milošević D.; Tomasevic Z.; Jurisic, Vladimir
10.3389-fpubh.2020.00323.pdf.jpg24-Jul-2020Accidental Use of Milk With an Increased Concentration of Aflatoxins Causes Significant DNA Damage in Hospital Workers Exposed to Ionizing RadiationMrdjanovic J.; Sudji J.; Srdjenovic Conic, Branislava; Dojčinović D.; Bogdanovic V.; Karaba-Jakovljevic D.; Jurisic, Vladimir
10.1002-jcla.21632.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2013Optimization of PCR conditions for amplification of GC-rich EGFR promoter sequenceObradović, Jasmina; Jurisic, Vladimir; Tosic, Natasa; Mrdjanovic J.; Perin B.; Pavlović, Nenad; Djordjevic, Natasa
10.1186-2049-6958-7-52.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2012Evaluation of current methods to detect the mutations of epidermal growth factor receptor in non-small cell lung cancer patientsObradović, Jasmina; Jurisic, Vladimir
10.2478-s11535-014-0335-9.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2014Effect of ELF-EMF on antioxidant status and micronuclei in K562 cells and normal lymphocytesSrdjenovic Conic, Branislava; Mrdjanovic J.; Galovic A.; Kladar, Nebojša; Bozin, Biljana; Jurisic, Vladimir; Bogdanovic G.
10.2298-SARH160524041M.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2017Evaluation of adherence to calcium, vitamin D, and drugs for osteoporosis in patients with low bone mineral densityMaksimović M.; Jurisic, Vladimir; Erdeljan B.; Zvekic-Svorcan J.; Lazarević B.; Dojčinović D.