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Ostojić Aleksandar

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 6. Grujić N., Vasić Sava, Radojevic Ivana, Čomić Ljiljana, Ostojić Aleksandar, Comparison of the Rhodotorula mucilaginosa Biofilm and Planktonic Culture on Heavy Metal Susceptibility and Removal Potential, null, 10.1007/s11270-017-3259-y (ISSN 0049-6979)

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 8. Grujić Sandra, Radojevic Ivana, Vasić Sava, Čomić Ljiljana, Ostojić Aleksandar, Heavy metal tolerance and removal efficiency of the Rhodotorula mucilaginosa and Saccharomyces boulardii planktonic cells and biofilm, null, 10.5937/KgJSci1840217G (ISSN 1450-9636) 1450-96361840217G.pdf

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 11. Grujović M., Mladenovic Katarina, Marković Stefan, Đukić Nevena, Stajić Jelena, Ostojić Aleksandar, Zlatić Nenad, Chemical, radiological and microbiological characterization of a drinking water source: a case study, null, 10.1111/lam.13778 (ISSN 0266-8254)

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 1. Ostojić Aleksandar, Radojevic Ivana, Balkić A., Zooplankton Community Along the Sava River, null, 10.1007/978-3-662-44034-6_12 (ISSN 1867-979X)

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