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10.2478-v10011-010-0029-4.pdf.jpg2010-10-01Measuring thyroglobulin concentrations in patients with differentiated thyroid carcinomaSavin S.; Cvejic D.; Mijatović L.; Simonović S.
10.1007-978-3-642-14980-1_66.pdf.jpg2010-10-29Ihara coefficients: A flexible tool for higher order learningRen P.; Aleksić T.; Wilson R.; Hancock E.
10.1089-scd.2009.0498.pdf.jpg2010-11-01Efficient differentiation of human embryonic stem Cells into Functional Cerebellar-Like CellsErceg S.; Ronaghi M.; Zipančić I.; Laínez S.; Roselló M.; Xiong C.; Moreno-Manzano V.; Rodríguez-Jiménez F.; Planells R.; Alvarez-Dolado M.; Bhattacharya S.; Stojkovíc M.
10.1093-rpd-ncq255.pdf.jpg2010-11-01Long-term determination of airborne radon progeny concentrations using LR 115 detectors and the effects of thoronChoi V.; Ng C.; Lam R.; Janik M.; Sorimachi A.; Kranrod C.; Nikezić D.; Shinji T.; Yu P.
10.1093-rpd-ncq237.pdf.jpg2010-11-01Doses in human organs due to alpha, beta and gamma radiations emitted by thoron progeny in the lungNikezić D.; Marković V.; Krstic D.; Yu P.
10.1109-ITAB.2010.5687676.pdf.jpg2010-12-01ARTreat project: Three-dimensional numerical simulation of plaque formation and development in the arteriesFilipović N.; Meunier N.; Milosevic Z.; Zdravković N.; Kojić M.; Fotiadis D.; Parodi O.
10.1071-CH10210.pdf.jpg2010-12-09Synthesis, structural, DFT, and cytotoxicity studies of Cu<sup>II</sup> and Ni<sup>II</sup> complexes with 3-aminopyrazole derivativesHolló B.; Leovac V.; Bombicz P.; Kovacs A.; Jovanoviá L.; Bogdanovié G.; Kojić V.; Divjaković V.; Joksovic M.; Mészáros-Szécsényi K.
10.2298-PIM1002077L.pdf.jpg2010-12-15Maximal canonical graphs with seven nonzero eigenvaluesLazic M.
10.1080-1406099X.2011.10840503.pdf.jpg2011-01-01The impact of the functional characteristics of a credit bureau on the level of indebtedness per capita: Evidence from East European countriesSimovic V.; Vaskovic V.; Rankovic M.; Malinic S.
10.1080-1331677X.2011.11517462.pdf.jpg2011-01-01The impact of fair value accounting on the crisis in banking sector of EU and USAGračanin Š.; Kalač E.
10.1309-LMNC7I58JNJMCPKW.pdf.jpg2011-01-01Concentration of thyroglobulin and thyroglobulin-specific autoantibodies in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer after treatment with radioactive iodine 131Vrndic O.; Savin S.; Mijatović L.; Djukic A.; Ilija D.; Simonović S.
10.5937-sjecr1104153C.pdf.jpg2011-01-01Attitudes towards antipsychotic drugs and their side effects: A comparison between students of medicine in Spain and SerbiaCasas T.; Folić M.; Folic N.; Jankovic S.
10.2478-s11772-010-0062-3.pdf.jpg2011-01-01Investigation of influence of tilt angle on mode dispersion in step-index plastic optical fibersKovacević M.; Djordjevich A.
10.24846-v20i4y201109.pdf.jpg2011-01-01Robust switching control systems with input delayFilipovic V.
10.1002-stem.556.pdf.jpg2011-01-01Concise review: Mesenchymal stem cell treatment of the complications of diabetes mellitusVolarevic V.; Arsenijevic N.; LUKIĆ M.; Stojkovíc M.
10.17305-bjbms.2011.2619.pdf.jpg2011-01-01Cartilage oLIGOMERIC mATRIX pROTEIN - Inflammation biomarker in knee osteoarthritisZivanovic S.; Rackov L.; Zivanovic A.; Jevtic M.; Nikolić S.; Kocić S.
10.5937-sjecr1104161J.pdf.jpg2011-01-01Current efforts and proposals to reduce healthcare costs in SerbiaJakovljevic M.; Jovanovic M.; Lazic Z.; Jakovljevic V.; Djukic A.; Velicković R.; Antunović M.
10.5937-medcas1101032G.pdf.jpg2011-01-01Antiaggregant therapy in acute coronary syndromeGasanin E.; Daglar E.
10.5937-sjecr1102067K.pdf.jpg2011-01-01Fluoride release from glass ionomer cements correlates with the necrotic death of human dental pulp stem cellsKanjevac T.; Milovanovic M.; Volarevic V.; Arsenijevic N.
10.5937-sjecr1102071P.pdf.jpg2011-01-01Hepatotoxicity of temsirolimus and interferon alpha in patients with metastasised renal cancer: A case studyPetrovic B.; Radulovic S.