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Todorović Violeta

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 5. Tomić Nenad, Kalinić Zoran, Todorović Violeta, Using the UTAUT model to analyze user intention to accept electronic payment systems in Serbia, null, 10.1007/s10258-022-00210-5 (ISSN 1617-982X)

 1. Grbić Milka, Jakšić Milena M., Todorović Violeta, Higher education financial sources and models: A comparative analysis in selected EU countries, null, 10.4018/978-1-7998-2708-5.ch014 (ISSN -)

 1. Katanić Stanković Jelena S., Todorović Violeta, Đorović Jovanović Jelena, Marković Zoran, Krstić Sanja, Dabetić Nevena, Šobajić S., Bartoszek Agnieszka, Maksimović Zoran, Bauer Rudolf, „In vitro“ and „in silico“ assessment of anti-inflammatory activity of cocoa powders, null, 2nd International Conference on Chemo and BioInformatics, 10.46793/ICCBI23.156KS 2nd-ICCBIKG- str 156-159.pdf