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Popovic Suzana

 1. Zaric Milan, Mitrovic M., Nikolic I., Popovic Suzana, Djurdjevic Predrag, Baskić D., Zelen I., Activity of superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase in plasma and lysates of chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients, null, 10.5937/medcas1102009Z (ISSN 0350-1221) 10.5937-medcas1102009Z.pdf

 2. Popovic Suzana, Baskić D., Zelen I., Djurdjevic Predrag, Zaric Milan, Avramovic D., Arsenijevic Nebojsa, The cytotoxicity of korbazol against murine cancer cell lines, null, 10.5937/SJECR13-2019 (ISSN 1820-8665) 10.5937-SJECR13-2019.pdf

 3. Popovic Suzana, Urbán E., Lukic Miodrag, Conlon John Michael, Peptides with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities that have therapeutic potential for treatment of acne vulgaris, null, 10.1016/j.peptides.2012.02.010 (ISSN 0196-9781)

 4. Vukovic V., Mijailovic Z., Popovic Suzana, Djurdjevic Predrag, Jovanovic Danijela, Mitrovic M., Baskic Dejan, Therapy of chronic hcv infection – association between virological response and predictive factors, null, 10.5937/mckg48-5925 (ISSN 0350-1221) 10.5937-mckg48-5925.pdf

 5. Arsovic A., Nikolov A., Sazdanovic Predrag, Popovic Suzana, Baskić D., Prevalence and diagnostic significance of specific IgA and anti-heat shock protein 60 Chlamydia trachomatis antibodies in subfertile women, null, 10.1007/s10096-013-2008-4 (ISSN 0934-9723)

 6. Baskić D., Popovic Suzana, Banković D., Arsovic A., Vukovic V., Zelen I., Djurdjevic Predrag, Evaluation of inflammatory biomarkers as helping diagnostic tool in patients with breast cancer, null, 10.3233/CBM-140426 (ISSN 1574-0153)

 7. Vukovic Vuk, Baskic Dejan, Mijailovic Zeljko, Djurdjevic Predrag, Jovanovic Danijela, Mitrovic Slobodanka, Popovic Suzana, Association between risk factors, basal viral load, virus genotype and the degree of liver fibrosis with the response to the therapy in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection, null, 10.2298/VSP1506505V (ISSN 0042-8450) 0042-84501506505V.pdf

 8. Zivancevic-Simonovic Snezana, Vrndic O., Majstorovic I., Popovic Suzana, Markovic Slavica, Milošević-Đorđević Olivera, Jovanovic Zorica, Mijatovic Teodorovic Ljiljana, Mihajlovic D., Colic Miodrag, Cytokine production in patients with papillary thyroid cancer and associated autoimmune Hashimoto thyroiditis, null, 10.1007/s00262-015-1705-5 (ISSN 0340-7004)

 9. Deljanin M., Nikolic M., Baskić D., Todorovic Danijela, Djurdjevic Predrag, Zaric Milan, Stanković Milan, Todorovic Milos, Avramovic D., Popovic Suzana, Chelidonium majus crude extract inhibits migration and induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in tumor cell lines, null, 10.1016/j.jep.2016.06.056 (ISSN 0378-8741)

 10. Vukovic V., Baskić D., Mijailovic Z., Djurdjevic Predrag, Jovanovic Danijela, Mitrovic M., Popovic Suzana, Popovski-Jovicic B., Hepatitis C therapy-related haematological side effects are associated with treatment outcome, null, 10.1515/SJECR-2015-0036 (ISSN 1820-8665) 10.1515-SJECR-2015-0036.pdf

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 13. Popovic Suzana, Djurdjevic Predrag, Zaric Milan, Mijailovic Z., Avramovic D., Baskić D., Effects of host defense peptides B2RP, Brevinin-2GU, D-Lys-Temporin, Lys-XT-7 and D-Lys-Ascaphin-8 on peripheral blood mononuclear cells: Preliminary study, null, 10.18054/pb.v119i2.4781 (ISSN 0031-5362) 10.18054-pb.v119i2.4781.pdf

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 15. Jeremić Marija, Wadepohl H., Kojić Vesna, Jakimov D., Jelic Ratomir, Popovic Suzana, Matović Zoran, Comba P., Synthesis, structural analysis, solution equilibria and biological activity of rhodium(III) complexes with a quinquedentate polyaminopolycarboxylate, null, 10.1039/c6ra26199j 10.1039-c6ra26199j.pdf

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