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Dimitrijevic Aleksandra

 1. Protrka Zoran, Arsenijevic Slobodan, Dimitrijevic Aleksandra, Mitrović V., Stankovic Vesna, Milosavljevic Milos, Kastratović Gordana, Djuric Janko, Co-overexpression of bcl-2 and c-myc in uterine cervix carcinomas and premalignant lesions, null, 10.4081/ejh.2011.e8 (ISSN 1121-760X) 10.4081-ejh.2011.e8.pdf

 2. Djuric Janko, Arsenijevic Slobodan, Banković Dragić, Protrka Zoran, Sorak Marija, Dimitrijevic Aleksandra, Zivanovic Aleksandar, Breech presentation at term: Caesarean section or vaginal delivery?, null, 10.2298/SARH1104155D (ISSN 0370-8179) 0370-81791104155D.pdf

 3. Djuric Janko, Arsenijevic Slobodan, Banković Dragić, Protrka Zoran, Sorak Marija, Dimitrijevic Aleksandra, Tanaskovic Irena, Dystocia as a cause of untimely cesarean section, null, 10.2298/VSP110210005D (ISSN 0042-8450) 0042-84501200005D.pdf

 4. Dimitrijevic Aleksandra, Varjacic Mirjana, Davidovic G., Lazovic J., Novakovic N., The incidence of down syndrome in newborns at the department of obstetrics and gynecology of the clinical center Kragujevac during the period 2007-2012, null, 10.5937/mckg47-1425 (ISSN 0350-1221) 10.5937-mckg47-1425.pdf

 5. Sosic G., Jović N., Rakic B., Dimitrijevic Aleksandra, Varjacic Mirjana, Association between inherited thrombophilia in pregnancy and micronucleus frequency in peripheral blood lymphocytes, null, 10.1515/bjmg-2017-0024 10.1515-bjmg-2017-0024.pdf

 6. Arsenijevic P., Zivanovic Aleksandar, Protrka Zoran, Dimitrijevic Aleksandra, Sorak Marija, Vulovic Tatjana, Vukcevic Globarevic G., Vilendečić Z., Andric B., Arsenijevic Slobodan, Cervical breaking point; A phenomenon unveiled during continuous controllable balloon dilatation, null, 10.12891/ceog4227.2018 (ISSN 0390-6663)

 7. Protrka Zoran, Dimitrijevic Aleksandra, Jović N., Kastratović Gordana, Djuric Janko, Nedović J., Živanović Sandra, Vujić A., Drakulić S., Djonović Nela, Arsenijevic P., Expression analysis of the Beclin-1 in premalignant and malignant tissues of the uterine cervix, null, 10.12892/ejgo4028.2018 (ISSN 0392-2936)

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 9. Zoričić D., Despot A., Tikvica Luetic A., Belci D., Bečić D., Protrka Zoran, Arsenijevic P., Dimitrijevic Aleksandra, Three-dimensional reconstructed coronal plane in detection and differentiation of congenital uterine malformations, null, 10.12891/ceog4030.2018 (ISSN 0390-6663)

 10. Dimitrijevic Aleksandra, Protrka Zoran, Jović N., Arsenijevic P., Efficacy of genital chlamidiae trachomatis treatment in women of reproductive age, null, 10.1515/SJECR-2016-0092 (ISSN 1820-8665) 10.1515-SJECR-2016-0092.pdf

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 12. Ilic I., Babic Goran, Dimitrijevic Aleksandra, Ilic M., Grujicic J., Psychological distress among women with abnormal pap smear results in Serbia: Validity and reliability of the Cervical Dysplasia Distress Questionnaire, null, 10.1371/journal.pone.0218070 10.1371-journal.pone.0218070.pdf

 13. Ilic Irena, Babic Goran, Dimitrijevic Aleksandra, Ilic Milena, Grujicic J., Reliability and validity of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression (CES-D) scale in Serbian women with abnormal Papanicolaou smear results, null, 10.1136/ijgc-2019-000219 (ISSN 1048-891X)

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 20. Simic D., Nikolic Turnic Tamara, Dimitrijevic Aleksandra, Zivadinovic A., Milosevic Stevanovic Jelena, Đuric Dušan, Zivkovic Vladimir, Jakovljevic Vladimir, Potential role of d-chiro-inositol in reducing oxidative stress in the blood of nonobese women with polycystic ovary syndrome, null, 10.1139/cjpp-2021-0766

 1. Sazdanovic Predrag, Jankovic Slobodan, Kostic M., Dimitrijevic Aleksandra, Stefanovic Srdjan, Pharmacokinetics of linezolid in critically ill patients, null, 10.1517/17425255.2016.1170807 (ISSN 1742-5255)

 1. Dimitrijevic Aleksandra, Drug Methods for Arteficial Termination of Unwanted Pregnancy, null, 10.1515/sjecr-2016-0093 (ISSN 1820-8665) 10.1515-sjecr-2016-0093.pdf