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10.2298-SOS1603343M.pdf.jpg2016Amorphous-crystalline Ni-Fe powder mixture: Hydrogenation and annealing effects on microstructure and electrical and magnetic propertiesMilincic R.; Spasojevic, Miroslav; Spasojevic, Milica; Maricic, Aleksa; Randjic S.
10.2298-sos1902209s.pdf.jpg2019Effect of deposition current density and annealing temperature on the microstructure and magnetic properties of nanostructured ni-fe-w-cu alloysSpasojevic M.; Markovic, Dusan; Spasojevic, Miroslav; Vuković Zoran; Maricic, Aleksa; Ribic-Zelenovic, Lenka
10.2298-SOS1804421M.pdf.jpg2018Effect of the degree of plastic deformation on the thermal electromotive force of Cu-X5crni1810 steel thermocoupleMilicevic, Ivan; Spasojević M.; Slavković, Radomir; Spasojevic, Miroslav; Maricic, Aleksa
Spasojević_2018_J._Electrochem._Soc._165_D511.pdf.jpg2018Electrodeposition, microstructure and magnetic properties of nickel-cobalt-copper alloy powdersSpasojevic, Miroslav; Spasojevic, Milica; Mašković, Pavle; Markovic, Dusan; Ribic-Zelenovic, Lenka
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2016Microstructure and magnetic properties of electrodeposited Ni<inf>85.8</inf>Fe<inf>10.6</inf>W<inf>1.4</inf>Cu<inf>2.2</inf> alloy powderSpasojevic, Miroslav; Gospavić D.; Spasojevic, Milica
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2016Optimization of the Extraction Process of Antioxidants from Orange Using Response Surface MethodologyMašković, Pavle; Diamanto L.; Cvetanović, Aleksandra; Radojković M.; Spasojevic, Miroslav; Zengın G.
0350-820X1601001C.pdf.jpg2016Synthesis, structure and properties of nickel-iron-tungsten alloy electrodeposits: Part II: Effect of microstructure on hardness, electrical and magnetic propertiesĆirović N.; Spasojevic, Pavle; Ribic-Zelenovic, Lenka; Mašković, Pavle; Maricic, Aleksa; Spasojevic, Miroslav
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022The properties of mechanically activated powders consisting of 17.0 wt% Fe<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>, 4.4 wt% MnCO<inf>3,</inf> 3.6 wt% ZnO and 75.0 wt% BaTiO<inf>3</inf>Spasojevic M.; Lukovic, Milentije; Arnaut A.; Maričić E.; Spasojevic, Miroslav