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PaperMissing.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2014analysis of hysteresis in unemployment rates with structural breaks: The case of selected European countriesMarjanović, Gordana; Marjanovic V.
10.3390-app10072205.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2020Analysis of influence of thewelding procedure on impact toughness of welded joints of the high-strength low-alloyed steelsIlic A.; Miletić I.; Nikolic, Ruzica; Marjanovic V.; Ulewicz, Robert; Stojanovic, Blaza; Ivanović L.
10.1088-1757-899X-659-1-012033.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2019CAD modeling of the closing HIGH TIBIAL OSTEOTHOMYCofaru N.; Cofaru I.; Marjanovic V.; Marjanovic N.; Blagojevic M.; Petruse, Radu Emanuil
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2018Correlations of mechanical properties and microstructure at specific zones of welded joint of high-strength low-alloy steelsIvanović L.; Marjanovic V.; Ilic A.; Stojanovic, Blaza; Lazic, Vukic
10.2478-v10011-011-0017-3.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2011Free light chains of immunoglobulin as a prognostic factor for some plasmaproliferative diseasesMijušković Z.; Radović V.; Pejovic J.; Tukic L.; Marjanovic V.; Stojanovic Tosic J.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg12-May-2011Impact of large-scale implementation of photovoltaic devices to CO <inf>2</inf> emissionsBojic M.; Jovanovic G.; Marjanovic V.; Jovanovic M.; Nikolic I.; Djordjevic Z.
10.18485-aeletters.2018.3.2.5.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2018Influence of using discrete cross-section variables for all types of truss structural optimization with dynamic constraints for bucklingPetrović, Nenad; Kostic, Nenad; Marjanovic, Nenad; Marjanovic V.
10.21278-TOF.44303.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2020Means and effects of constraining the number of used cross-sections in truss sizing optimizationPetrović, Nenad; Marjanovic V.; Kostic, Nenad; Marjanovic, Nenad; Dragoi M.
10.5937-mckg47-2454.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2013One year experience in treatment of multi-vessel coronary artery disease with PCI and TAXUS stent implantation in comparison to CABGIgnjatovic, Vladimir; Ignjatovic, Vesna; Ignjatovic L.; Petrović N.; Miloradović V.; Smiljanic Z.; Marjanovic V.; Petrovic, Dejan; Ignjatovic L.; Vukomanovic V.
10.1016-j.enbuild.2013.02.033.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2013Performances of low temperature radiant heating systemsBojic M.; Cvetković, Dragan; Marjanovic V.; Blagojevic M.; Djordjevic Z.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2013Solar ray transfer inside sea-shell stationary trough solar concentratorMarjanovic V.; Bojic M.; Marjanovic, Nenad; Skerlic J.
10.2478-s11536-012-0058-0.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2012Unrecognized acute lithium toxicity: A case reportRistic Medic D.; Siapera M.; Jovic J.; Marjanovic V.; Radovanovic, Milan; Fountoulakis