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PaperMissing.pdf.jpg6-Jun-2013Aromaticity of closed-shell charged polybenzenoid hydrocarbonsRamos-Berdullas, Nicolás; Radenkovic, Slavko; Bultinck P.; Mandado, Marcos
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg20-Sep-2012Comparative study of aromaticity in tetraoxa[8]circulenesRadenkovic, Slavko; Gutman I.; Bultinck P.
10.1039-c2cp42105d.pdf.jpg28-Nov-2012Heterotrimetallic compounds containing Mo-M-Li [M = K, Rb and Cs] clusters: Synthesis, structure, bonding, aromaticity and theoretical investigations of Li <inf>2</inf>M <inf>2</inf> [M = K and Rb] and Cs <inf>4</inf> ringsDeb D.; Duley S.; Radenkovic, Slavko; Bultinck P.; Kumar Chattaraj P.; Bhattacharjee M.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2012Local aromaticity of the five-membered rings in acenaphthylene derivativesRadenkovic, Slavko; Đurđević Nikolić, Jelena; Bultinck P.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg12-Nov-2012On induced current density in the perylene/bisanthrene homologous seriesRadenkovic, Slavko; Bultinck P.; Gutman I.; Đurđević Nikolić, Jelena
10.1002-cphc.201402468.pdf.jpg2-Jan-2015Ring currents in benzo- And benzocyclobutadieno-annelated biphenylene derivativesRadenkovic, Slavko; Tošović, Jelena; Havenith R.; Bultinck P.
10.1021-jp2020947.pdf.jpg17-Nov-2011Ring currents in polycyclic sodium clustersRadenkovic, Slavko; Bultinck P.
10.1002-qua.24970.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2015Three-dimensional networks containing rectangular Sr<inf>4</inf> and Ba<inf>4</inf> units: Synthesis, structure, bonding, and potential application for Ne gas separationMandal S.; pan, sudip; Deb D.; Giri, Santanab; Duley S.; Radenkovic, Slavko; Cooper D.; Bultinck P.; Anoop, Anakuthil; Bhattacharjee M.; Kumar Chattaraj P.