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Ilic-KOD2012.pdf.jpg2012Advantages of High Strength Steels Applications in Mechanical ConstructionsIlic, Andreja; Ivanović, Lozica; Josifović, Danica; Lazic, Vukic
ivanovic KOD 2014.pdf.jpg2014Analysis of contact stresses at thohoidal gearing by numeric approachIvanović, Lozica; Rakić, Boris; Josifović, Danica; Ilic, Andreja
MD-6-4-2014.pdf.jpg2014ANALYSIS OF CONTACT STRESSES AT TROCHOIDAL GEARING BY NUMERIC APPROACHIvanović, Lozica; Rakic B.; Josifović, Danica; Ilic, Andreja
13_TTEM_Ivanovic_2013.pdf.jpg2013Analytical model of the pressure variation in the gerotor pump chambersIvanović, Lozica; Josifović, Danica; Ilic, Andreja; Stojanovic, Blaza
05_IlicA_IAT2012_Paper.pdf.jpg2012Application of High-Strength Steels in Vehicle DesignIlic, Andreja; Ivanović, Lozica; Josifović, Danica; Lazic, Vukic
5IQC-2011-Ivanovic.pdf.jpg2011Contemporary Aspects of Solid Waste ManagementIvanović, Lozica; Josifović, Danica; Ilic, Andreja
RADMI 2009.pdf.jpg2009Contemporary methods of nondestructive testing on mechanical constructionIlic, Andreja; Ivanović, Lozica; Josifović, Danica
HM paper-printed.pdf.jpg2014Dependence of mechanical properties of the base metal and welded joint of the high strength steel S690QL on elevated temperaturesArsić, Dušan; Lazic, Vukic; Ilic, Andreja; Ivanović, Lozica; Aleksandrovic, Srbislav; Djordjevic, Milan
Machine Design 131-138.pdf.jpg2012Design aspects at mechanical constructions made of high strength steel gradesIlic, Andreja; Ivanović, Lozica; Josifović, Danica; Lazic, Vukic
moNGeometrija 2010.pdf.jpg2010Design of the gearing special formsIvanović, Lozica; Josifović, Danica; Ilic, Andreja
MVM_Ilic_Ivanovic_Josifovic_Lazic_Paper.pdf.jpg2012Design of the motor vehicles from the aspect of high strength steels applicationsIlic, Andreja; Ivanović, Lozica; Josifović, Danica; Lazic, Vukic
MVM2012 Ilic.pdf.jpg2012DESIGN OF THE MOTOR VEHICLES FROM THE ASPECT OF HIGH STRENGTH STEELS APPLICATIONSIlic, Andreja; Ivanović, Lozica; Josifović, Danica; Lazic, Vukic
30-Ivanovic.pdf.jpg2012Determination of gerotor pump theoretical flowIvanović, Lozica; Josifović, Danica; Blagojevic, Mirko; Stojanovic, Blaza; Ilic, Andreja
03_LTIvanovic.pdf.jpg2011Determination of tooth clearances at trochoidal pumpIvanović, Lozica; Erić, Milan; Stojanovic, Blaza; Ilic, Andreja
56 IQC 2013.pdf.jpg2013ECOLOGYCAL ASPECTS OF HIGH STRENGTH LOW ALLOYED STEELS AT MECHANICAL CONSTRUCTIONSIvanović, Lozica; Josifović, Danica; Ilic, Andreja; Lazic, Vukic
06_IvanovicL_IAT2012_Paper.pdf.jpg2012Effect of Geometrical Parameters Variation of the Cardan Joint Yoke on its Load CapacityIvanović, Lozica; Ilic, Andreja; Josifović, Danica; Živković, Katarina
SERBIATRIB-2013.pdf.jpg2013EXPERIMENTAL ANALYSIS OF TOOTH HEIGHT CHANGING AT TIMING BELTSStojanovic, Blaza; Ivanović, Lozica; Ilic, Andreja; Miletic, Ivan
13_TD_Stojanovic_2014.pdf.jpg2014EXPERIMENTAL DETERMINATION OF TIMING BELT HEIGHT AT INTERTEETHStojanovic, Blaza; Ivanović, Lozica; Ilic, Andreja
IMPACT TOUGHNESS OF HIGH-STRENGTH LOW-ALLOY STEEL WELDED JOINTS.pdf.jpg2017Impact toughness of high-strength low-alloy steel welded jointsIlic, Andreja; Ivanović, Lozica; Stojanovic, Blaza; Josifović, Danica; Desnica, Eleonora
lozica Zbornik COMETa 2018.pdf.jpg2018Improving the quality of innovative processes in the construction of ELV recycling equipmentIvanović, Lozica; Ilic, Andreja; Aleksić, Aleksandar; Vulić, Miroslav