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PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022Approximate Lamb waves in a composite plate reinforced by two families of fibresRadakovic, Aleksandar; Čukanović D.; Milosavljević, Dragan
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Approximate phase speed of Lamb waves in a composite plate reinforced with strong fibresMilosavljevic, Dragan; Zmindak, Milan; Dekýš, Vladimír; Radakovic, Aleksandar; Čukanović D.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2015Bulk waves and dynamical behaviour in elastic solids reinforced by two families of strong fibresMilosavljevic D.; Bogdanovic G.; Lazic, Vukic; Aleksandrovic, Srbislav; Lazić, Mirjana
@J of Balk Trib Ass -1A-II 2016-947-958-c.pdf.jpg2016COMPARATIVE STUDY OF AN ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY LUBRICANT WITH CONVENTIONAL LUBRICANTS IN STRIP IRONING TESTDjordjevic, Milan; Aleksandrovic, Srbislav; Arsić, Dušan; Lazic, Vukic; Milosavljevic, Dragan; Nikolic, Ruzica
10.2298-TSCI160614182C.pdf.jpg2016Comparative thermal buckling analysis of functionally graded plateČukanović D.; Bogdanovic, Gordana; Radakovic, Aleksandar; Milosavljevic, Dragan; Veljovic, Ljiljana; Balac I.
0354-98361000019K.pdf.jpg2010Determination analysis of temperature regimes, functional characteristics and sliding curves of a hydrodynamic clutchKrstić, Božidar; Babic, Milun; Lazic, Vukic; Raiĉević, Vladimir; Despotovic, Milan; Milosavljevic, Dragan; Krstić, Vojislav
10.1088-1757-899X-776-1-012081.pdf.jpg2020Dynamic modelling of elastic plates reinforced by strong fibresMilosavljevic, Dragan; Sapieta, Milan; Zmindak, Milan; Dekýš, Vladimír; Novák, Pavol
0354-98361000021L.pdf.jpg2010Eenergetic analysis of hard facing and weld cladding of an air powered drop hammer damaged ramLazic, Vukic; Jovanovic, Milorad; Sedmak, Aleksandar; Aleksandrovic, Srbislav; Milosavljevic, Dragan; Krstić, Božidar; Čukić, Rajko
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2012Estimates of weldability and selection of the optimal procedure and technology for welding of high strength steelsLazic, Vukic; Aleksandrovic, Srbislav; Nikolic, Ruzica; Prokic-Cvetkovic R.; Popović O.; Milosavljevic, Dragan; Čukić R.
0354-98361000028M.pdf.jpg2010Failure criteria of fibre reinforced composites in homogeneous temperature fieldMilosavljevic, Dragan; Bogdanovic, Gordana; Veljovic Lljiljana; Radakovic, Aleksandar; Lazić, Mirjana
Žmindák_2020_IOP_Conf._Ser.__Mater._Sci._Eng._776_012082.pdf.jpg2020Finite element simulation of tensile test of composite materials manufactured by 3D printingZmindak, Milan; Novák, Pavol; Soukup J.; Milosavljevic, Dragan; Kaco M.
Dekys_2020_IOP_Conf._Ser.__Mater._Sci._Eng._776_012068.pdf.jpg2020Influence of imperfections on dynamic properties of oscillating rodDekýš, Vladimír; Novák, Pavol; Milosavljevic, Dragan; Nekoranec M.; Štalmach, Ondrej
2.6.pdf.jpg2012Reparatory and Manufacturing Hard-Facing of Working Parts Made of Stainless Steels in Confectionary IndustryLazic, Vukic; Aleksandrovic, Srbislav; Mitrovic, Slobodan; Nikolic, Ruzica; Milosavljevic, Dragan; Čukić R.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2015Rigid body coupled rotation around no intersecting axesVeljovic, Ljiljana; Radakovic, Aleksandar; Milosavljevic, Dragan; Bogdanovic, Gordana
SERBIATRIB 2015-407-413.pdf.jpg2015Two-phase ironing process in conditions of ecologic and classic lubricants applicationDjordjevic, Milan; Aleksandrovic, Srbislav; Lazic, Vukic; Arsić, Dušan; Stefanovic, Milentije; Milosavljevic, Dragan
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2017Using high-order shear deformation theory in the analysis of Lamb’s waves propagation in materials reinforced with two families of fibersRadakovic, Aleksandar; Bogdanovic, Gordana; Milosavljevic, Dragan; Veljovic, Ljiljana; Čukanović D.