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0042-84501403285B.pdf.jpg2014A novel framework for fluid/structure interaction in rapid subjectspecific simulations of blood flow in coronary artery bifurcationsBlagojevic, Milan; Aleksandar, Nikolic; Zivkovic, Miroslav; Zivkovic, Milorad; Stankovic, Goran
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2015Application of smoothed particle hydrodynamics in biomechanics: Advanced procedure for discretization of complex biological shapes into pseudo-particlesTopalović, Marko; Blagojevic M.; Aleksandar, Nikolic; Zivkovic M.; Filipovic, Nenad
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2013Influence of blocks' topologies on endothelial shear stress observed in CFD analysis of artery bifurcationBlagojevic M.; Aleksandar, Nikolic; Zivkovic M.; Zivkovic M.; Stankovic, Goran
0354-98361300185N.pdf.jpg2014Modeling of thermoelectric module operation in inhomogeneous transient temperature field using finite element methodNikolic, Radovan; Radovanovic, Miroslav; Zivkovic, Miroslav; Aleksandar, Nikolic; Rakić, Dragan; Blagojevic, Milan
0354-98361000029Z.pdf.jpg2010Non-linear transient heat conduction analysis of insulation wall of tank for transportation of liquid aluminumAleksandar, Nikolic; Slavkovic, Radovan; Zivic, Fatima; Zivkovic, Miroslav
CPM-LifeCycle - Submitted - Corrected.pdf.jpg2022Smoothed particle hydrodynamics for blood flow analysis: development of particle lifecycle algorithmTopalović, Marko; Nikolić, Aleksandar; Milovanović, Vladimir; Vulovic, Snezana; Ivanovic, Milos
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Turbulent finite element model applied for blood flow calculation in arterial bifurcationAleksandar, Nikolic; Topalović, Marko; Simic, Vladimir; Filipovic, Nenad