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PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2018A high-sensitive current-mode pressure/force detector based on piezoelectric polymer PVDFPetrovic, Predrag; Pavlović, Vladimir; Vlahović B.; Mijailovic, Vladica
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022A new electronically controlled floating/grounded meminductor emulator based on single MO-VDTAPetrovic, Predrag
10.1515-msr-2015-0026.pdf.jpg2015A New High Precision Power Detector of Complex Voltage SignalsPetrovic, Predrag
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2014A new tunable current-mode peak detectorPetrovic, Predrag
10.2478-jee-2013-0026.pdf.jpg2013A simple algorithm for simultaneous sine signal parameters estimationPetrovic, Predrag
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022A Universal Electronically Controllable Memelement Emulator Based on VDCC with Variable ConfigurationPetrovic, Predrag
10.2478-v10178-012-0061-4.pdf.jpg2012Algorithm for simultaneous parameter estimation of a multiharmonic signalPetrovic, Predrag
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2018Analysis of faults in active distribution network with and without synchronous generator using instantaneous symmetrical components in time domainMijailovic, Vladica; Ćetenović, Dragan; Ranković, Aleksandar; Petrovic, Predrag; Rozgic, Dimitrije
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2017Bipolar current controlled rectifier circuitsPetrovic, Predrag; Veskovic, Milan
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2018Computational effective modified Newton- Raphson algorithm for power harmonics parameters estimationPetrovic, Predrag; Rozgic, Dimitrije
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2015Current-tunable current-mode RMS detectorPetrovic, Predrag
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2020Current/voltage mode full-wave rectifier based on a single CCCIIPetrovic, Predrag
10.1155-2018-7613814.pdf.jpg2018Dynamic Phasors Estimation Based on Taylor-Fourier Expansion and Gram Matrix RepresentationPetrovic, Predrag; Damljanovic, Nada
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022Electronically Adjustable Grounded Memcapacitor Emulator Based on Single Active Component with Variable Switching MechanismPetrovic, Predrag
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2018Floating incremental/decremental flux-controlled memristor emulator circuit based on single VDTAPetrovic, Predrag
10.2478-v10048-012-0027-4.pdf.jpg2012Frequency and parameter estimation of multi-sinusoidal signalPetrovic, Predrag
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022Mutually coupled circuits based on modified voltage differencing transconductance amplifier with tuneable characteristicsPetrovic, Predrag
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2019New Algorithm for Dynamic Phasor Measurements Based on Taylor-Fourier RepresentationPetrovic, Predrag; Damljanovic, Nada
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2017New CMOS Current-Mode Analogue to Digital Power ConverterPetrovic, Predrag
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2020New current-mode RMS-to-DC converters and four-quadrant multiplier/divider based on VDTAPetrovic, Predrag