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10.1515-med-2016-0017.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2016Blood cells in thyroid cancer patients: A possible influence of apoptosisVrndic O.; Djurdjevic, Predrag; Jovanovic, Danijela; Mijatovic Teodorovic, Ljiljana; Kostic I.; Jeftic, Ilija; Simonovic N.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg10-Aug-2020Can phytoplankton blooming be harmful to benthic organisms? The toxic influence of Anabaena sp. and Chlorella sp. on Chironomus riparius larvaeStankovic, Nevena; Kostic I.; Jovanović, Boris; Savić Zdravković, Dimitrija; Matić, Sanja; Bašić, Jelena; Cvetković Z.; Simeunovic J.; Milošević D.
10.2298-VSP160227100S.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2017Clinical and laboratory parameters associated with death in acute pancreatitisSpasic M.; Jankovic, Slobodan; Stefanovic, Srdjan; Kostic I.; Radovanovic D.; Djordjevic, Natasa; Radosavljevic, Ivan; Divjak, Ana; Milojević A.; Jelic I.; Canovic D.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2015Cytokine production in peripheral blood cells of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer: elevated Th2/Th9 cytokine production before and reduced Th2 cytokine production after radioactive iodine therapyZivancevic-Simonovic, Snezana; Vrndic O.; Majstorovic I.; Djurdjevic, Predrag; Kostic I.; Milošević-Đorđević, Olivera; Mijatovic Teodorovic, Ljiljana
10.5937-mckg48-4067.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2014Differentiated thyroid carcinomas - epidemiology, etiopathogenesis, diagnostics and therapyCurcin N.; Mihaljević O.; Jeftic, Ilija; Kostic I.; djukic, aleksandar; Simonovic N.
10.1515-SJECR-2015-0005.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2015Early cytokine profile changes in interstitial and necrotic forms of acute pancreatitisKostic I.; Spasic M.; Stojanovic B.; Jurisevic M.; Radovanovic D.; Canovic D.; Stefanovic, Srdjan; Jankovic, Slobodan
10.5937-mckg48-2741.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2014New pharmacological strategies in the treatment of nonsmall cell lung cancerKostic I.; Vrndic O.; Jeftic, Ilija; Cupurdija V.
10.2478-SJECR-2014-0022.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2014Protein and lipid concentrations in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer treated with radioactive iodine-131Mihaljević O.; Radivojevic D.; djukic, aleksandar; Mijatovic Teodorovic, Ljiljana; Kostic I.; Jeftic, Ilija; Simonovic N.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg30-Jan-2019The effects of l-cysteine and N-acetyl-l-cysteine on homocysteine metabolism and haemostatic markers, and on cardiac and aortic histology in subchronically methionine-treated Wistar male ratsKostic I.; Micovic Z.; Andrejević L.; Cvetković G.; Stamenkovic A.; Sanja S.; Obrenović R.; Labudovic-Borovic M.; Hrncic D.; Jakovljevic V.; Djuric, Dragan M.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg29-Oct-2010UVC radiation-induced effect on human primary thyroid cell proliferation and HLA-DR expressionKostic I.; Toffoletto B.; Toller M.; Beltrami C.; Ambesi Impiombato F.; CURCIO, Francesco