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A few remarks on divergent sequences- Rates of divergence II.pdf.jpg2010A few remarks on divergent sequences: Rates of divergence IIĐurčić, Dragan; Kocinac, Ljubisa; Žižović, Mališa
10.3390-MATH8050745.pdf.jpg2020A model for determiningweight coefficients by forming a non-decreasing series at criteria significance levels (NDSL)Žižović, Mališa; Pamucar, Dragan; Ćirović, Goran; Žižović, Miodrag; Miljković, Boža
10.22190-FUME210214031P.pdf.jpg2021A new logarithm methodology of additive weights (LMAW) for multi-criteria decision-making: Application in logisticsPamucar, Dragan; Žižović, Mališa; Biswas, Sanjib; Božanić, Darko
A New Method of Multi-Criteria Analysis for Evaluation and Decision Making by Dominant Criterion.pdf.jpg2019A New Method of Multi-Criteria Analysis for Evaluation and Decision Making by Dominant CriterionŽižović M.; Albijanić M.; Jovanovic V.; Žižović, Mališa
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Circular economy concepts in urban mobility alternatives using integrated DIBR method and fuzzy Dombi CoCoSo modelPamucar, Dragan; Deveci, Muhammet; GOKASAR, ILGIN; Işik M.; Žižović, Mališa
SYMOPIS 2021.pdf.jpg2021CONCEPT FOR DETERMINING WEIGHT COEFFICIENTS OF CRITERIA BASED ON THE ENTROPY METHODŽižović, Mališa; Pamucar, Dragan; Stanković, Miomir; Đurčić, Dragan; Žižović, Miodrag
10.3390-su12187504.pdf.jpg2020Development of a multi-criteria model for sustainable reorganization of a healthcare system in an emergency situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemicPamucar, Dragan; Žižović, Mališa; Marinkovic, Dragan; Doljanica D.; Jovanovic P.; Brzakovic P.
10.1155-2012-497594.pdf.jpg2012Double sequences and selectionsĐurčić, Dragan; Kocinac, Ljubisa; Žižović, Mališa
10.3390-math8061015.pdf.jpg2020Eliminating rank reversal problem using a new multi-attribute model - The RAFSI methodŽižović, Mališa; Pamucar, Dragan; Albijanić, Miloljub; CHATTERJEE, PRASENJIT; Pribićević, Ivan
10.3390-math9090976.pdf.jpg2021Evaluation of human resources in transportation companies using multi-criteria model for ranking alternatives by defining relations between ideal and anti-ideal alternative (Raderia)Jakovljevic V.; Žižović, Mališa; Pamucar, Dragan; Stevic Ž.; Albijanić M.
10.2298-FIL1709821D.pdf.jpg2017Exponent of convergence for double sequences and selection principlesDamljanovic, Nada; Đurčić, Dragan; Žižović, Mališa
2011-ADSA.pdf.jpg2011Exponents of Convergence and GamesĐurčić, Dragan; Kocinac, Ljubisa; Žižović, Mališa
SYMOPIS2013.pdf.jpg2013Jedan pristup ocene radnih strategijaŽižović, Mališa; Ружичић, Весна; Damljanovic, Nada; Đurčić, Dragan
2022 -DMAME.pdf.jpg2022MODIFICATION OF THE CRITIC METHOD USING FUZZY ROUGH NUMBERSPamucar, Dragan; Žižović, Mališa; Đurčić, Dragan
10.2298-FIL1710981Z.pdf.jpg2017Multi-criteria decision making method for models with the dominant criterionŽižović M.; Damljanovic, Nada; Žižović, Mališa
10.31181-dmame2104153m.pdf.jpg2021Multiple-criteria evaluation model for medical professionals assigned to temporary sars-cov-2 hospitalsŽižović, Mališa; Pamucar, Dragan; Miljković B.; Karan A.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2019New model for determining criteria weights: Level based weight assessment (lbwa) modelŽižović, Mališa; Pamucar, Dragan
10.2298-FIL1710991M.pdf.jpg2017New weighted sum modelMiljković B.; Žižović, Mališa; Petojević A.; Damljanovic, Nada
10.2298-FIL1206291D.pdf.jpg2012Note on selection principles of KočinacĐurčić, Dragan; Žižović, Mališa; Petojević Aleksandar
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2020Objective methods for determining criteria weight coefficients:a modificationof the critic methodŽižović, Mališa; Miljković B.; Marinkovic, Dragan