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10.24874-jsscm.2020.01.06.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2020Antioxidative and inhibition potency of cynodontinĐorović Jovanović, Jelena; Antonijević M.; Marković, Zoran
10.1590-S0103-50532011000400014.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2011Application of pyrite and chalcopyrite electrodes for the acid-base determinations in nitrilesSimić, Zoran; Stanic, Zorka; Antonijević M.
10.24874-jsscm.2020.01.07.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2020Comparative antiradical activity and molecular docking study of bergaptol and xanthotoxolMilanović, Žiko; Antonijević M.; Đorović Jovanović, Jelena; Milenkovic, Dejan
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2021Comparative MD Study of Inhibitory Activity of Opaganib and Adamantane-Isothiourea Derivatives toward COVID-19 Main Protease M<sup>pro</sup>Jovanovic, Jelena; Antonijević M.; el-Emam M.; Marković, Zoran
10.3390-antiox10071106.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2021Green one-pot synthesis of coumarin-hydroxybenzohydrazide hybrids and their antioxidant potencyAntonijević M.; Simijonović, Dušica; Avdović, Edina; Ciric, Andrija; Petrović, Zorica; Dimitrić Marković J.; Stepanić, Višnja; Marković, Zoran
10.1039-d0ra09632f.pdf.jpg12-Jan-2021Inhibitory activity of quercetin, its metabolite, and standard antiviral drugs towards enzymes essential for SARS-CoV-2: The role of acid-base equilibriaMilanović, Žiko; Antonijević M.; Amić A.; Avdović, Edina; Dimic, Dusan; Milenkovic, Dejan; Marković, Zoran
10.3390-antiox10081303.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2021Theoretical study of radical inactivation, lox inhibition, and iron chelation: The role of ferulic acid in skin protection against uva induced oxidative stressAmić A.; Dimitrić Marković J.; Marković, Zoran; Milenkovic, Dejan; Milanović, Žiko; Antonijević M.; Cagardová, Denisa; Pedregal J.
10.24874-jsscm.2020.01.08.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2020Thermodynamic and kinetic investigation of antiradical potential of cyanidinMilenkovic, Dejan; Đorović Jovanović, Jelena; Avdović, Edina; Milanović, Žiko; Antonijević, Marko
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2010Use of sulphide minerals as electrode sensors for acid-base potentiometric titrations in non-aqueous solvents and their application for the determination of certain biologically active substancesSimić, Zoran; Stanic, Zorka; Antonijević M.