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10.1136-bmjopen-2015-008742.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2016Association of the consumption of common food groups and beverages with mortality from cancer, ischaemic heart disease and diabetes mellitus in Serbia, 1991-2010: An ecological studyIlic, Milena; Ilic I.; Stojanovic G.; Zivanovic-Macuzic, Ivana
10.7314-APJCP.2013.14.11.6643.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2013Cigarette smoking and breast cancer: A case-control study in SerbiaIlic, Milena; Vlajinac H.; Marinkovic J.
10.1186-s40880-016-0118-y.pdf.jpg22-Jun-2016Colorectal cancer mortality trends in Serbia during 1991-2010: an age-period-cohort analysis and a joinpoint regression analysisIlić, Milena; Ilic I.
0042-84501400019J.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2014Dysplasia epiphysealis hemimelica: A case reportJovanovic, Dalibor; Ilic, Milena; Milosavljevic, Milos; Mihajlovic, Zorica; Vojinovic, Radisa; Mitrovic, Slobodanka; Azanjac, Goran
10.1017-S0950268816001345.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2016Gender disparities in mortality from infectious diseases in Serbia, 1991-2014: A time of civil wars and global crisisIlić, Milena; Ilic I.
10.7314-APJCP.2015.16.1.157.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2015Gynaecological cancer mortality in Serbia, 1991-2010: A joinpoint regression analysisIlic, Milena; Ilic I.
10.1371-journal.pone.0256446.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2021High risk of burnout in medical students in Serbia, by gender: A cross-sectional studyIlic, Irena; Zivanovic-Macuzic, Ivana; Kocic, Sanja; Ilic, Milena
0042-84501503295I.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2015Hypercalcemic type of small cell carcinoma of the ovaryIlic, Milena; Jovanovic, Dalibor; Milosavljevic, Milos; Stankovic, Vesna; Djordjevic, Gordana; Protrka, Zoran; Nedović, Jasmina; Mitrovic, Slobodanka
10.21101-cejph.a4168.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2016Liver cancer mortality and food consumption in Serbia, 1991–2010: An ecological studyIlic, Milena; Radoman K.; Konevic S.; Ilic, Irena
0370-81791512712P.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2015Long-term treatment with olanzapine in hospital conditions: Prevalence and predictors of the metabolic syndromePOPOVIĆ, IRENA; Ravanić, Dragan; Jankovic, Slobodan; Milovanovic, Dragan; Folic, Marko; Stanojevic, Albina; Nenadović, Milutin; Ilić, Milena
10.1371-journal.pone.0109379.pdf.jpg21-Oct-2014Malignant lymphatic and hematopoietic neoplasms mortality in Serbia, 1991-2010: A joinpoint regression analysisIlić, Milena; Ilic I.
0042-84501302189I.pdf.jpg11-Feb-2013Mortality rate of lip, oral cavity and pharynx malignant tumors in Serbia within a period 1991-2009Ilic, Milena; Radevic, Svetlana; Stefanovic, Vladimir; Ćirković, Tatjana; Zurovac, tatjana; Savić, Borivoje; Kovačević, Vladan
0370-81791006337I.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2010Nosocomial infections at clinical centre in Kragujevac-Prevalence studyIlic, Milena; Markovic-Denic, Ljiljana
10.3325-cmj.2013.54.369.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2013Pancreatic cancer mortality in Serbia from 1991-2010-a joinpoint analysisIlić, Milena; Vlajinac H.; Marinkovic J.; Kocev N.
10.1093-pubmed-fdv064.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2016Prostate cancer mortality in Serbia, 1991-2010: A joinpoint regression analysisIlić, Milena; Ilic I.
10.3390-medicina55120772.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2019Psychometric properties of the world health organization’s quality of life (WHOQOL-BREF) questionnaire in medical studentsIlic I.; Sipetic S.; Grujicic J.; Zivanovic-Macuzic, Ivana; Kocic, Sanja; Ilic, Milena
10.3906-sag-1509-10.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2017Repeated prevalence studies of nosocomial infections in one university hospital in SerbiaIlic, Milena; Markovic Denic L.
10.2298-VSP190106009L.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2021The Serbian version of the “Oral Health Questionnaire for Adults”Lekic, Margareta; Dakovic, Dragana; Lazic Zoran; Cutovic, Tatjana; Ilic, Irena; Ilic, Milena
10.1136-bmjopen-2018-024417.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2019Trends in cerebrovascular diseases mortality in Serbia, 1997-2016: A nationwide descriptive studyIlic, Milena; Ilic M.; Sipetic Grujicic S.