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10.17559-TV-20190422154410.pdf.jpg2020Application of CAD/CAE/CAM systems in permanent-mold casting improvementDučić, Nedeljko; Jovičić, Aleksandar; Radiša R.; Manasijevic, Srecko; Slavković, Radomir; Radović D.
10.3390-app10176048.pdf.jpg2020Application of machine learning in the control of metal melting production processDučić, Nedeljko; Jovičić, Aleksandar; Manasijevic, Srecko; Radiša R.; Ćojbašić, Žarko; Savković B.
10.22190-fume1602147d.pdf.jpg2016CAD/CAM design and the genetic optimization of feeders for sand casting processDučić, Nedeljko; Ćojbašić, Žarko; Radiša R.; Slavković, Radomir; Milicevic, Ivan
10.22190-FUME170505022R.pdf.jpg2017Casting improvement based on metaheuristic optimization and numerical simulationRadiša R.; Dučić, Nedeljko; Manasijevic, Srecko; Marković, Nemanja; Ćojbašić, Žarko
10.3390-ma12182864.pdf.jpg2019Comparative characteristics of ductile iron and austempered ductile iron modeled by neural networkSavković B.; Kovac P.; Dudic B.; Greguš M.; Rodic D.; Strbac, Branko; Dučić, Nedeljko
0354-68292104149M.pdf.jpg2021Design and computer simulation of automatically controlled hydromechanical system for looped wedge wire screen elements fabricationmilicevic, ivan; Marjanović, Milan; Vujičić, Vojislav; Dragicevic, Snezana; Dučić, Nedeljko; Aleksić, Veljko
2812-94742203017J.pdf.jpg2022The elimination of the anti-coincidence colorimetry in the process of painting the shell of a vehicle by applying WCMJovanović, Jelena; Živanović, Branimir; Jovičić, Aleksandar; Dučić, Nedeljko; Milićević, Ivan; Popović, Marko
10.2298-SOS1802183M.pdf.jpg2018Experimental identification of the degree of deformation of a wire subjected to bendingMilićević, Ivan; Popović, Marko; Dučić, Nedeljko; Slavkovic R.; Dragićević, Snežana; Maricic, Aleksa
S319_75.pdf.jpg2022Improvement of study programs for bachelor’s and master’s studies in Mechatronics in response to the requirements of Industry 4.0Milicevic, Ivan; Dragicevic, Snezana; Dučić, Nedeljko; Marjanović, Milan; Vujičić, Vojislav
0354-68291802035S.pdf.jpg2018An integrated process for the production of abrasive cutting elements for excavators in the mining industrySlavković, Radomir; Dragicevic, Snezana; milicevic, ivan; Jovičić, Aleksandar; Dučić, Nedeljko; Popović, Marko
10.2298-TSCI190328244B.pdf.jpg2019Modeling and optimization of temperature in end milling operationsBaralić, Jelena; Dučić, Nedeljko; Mitrović, Andjelija; Kovac P.; Lučić M.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2017Optimization of the gating system for sand casting using genetic algorithmDučić, Nedeljko; Slavković, Radomir; Milicevic, Ivan; Ćojbašić, Žarko; Manasijevic, Srecko; Radiša R.
10.2507-IJSIMM16(1)2.363.pdf.jpg2017Optimization of wheg robot running with simulation of neuro-fuzzy controlBožić, Miloš; Dučić, Nedeljko; Djordjevic, Goran; Slavković, Radomir