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10.1515-SJECR-2017-0041.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2018Antimicrobial activity of aqueous extracts of potentilla reptans L. rhizome and aerial partTomovic, Marina; Popovic-Milenkovic M.; Jankovic, Slobodan
10.1515-SJECR-2017-0074.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2018Applying the molecular adsorbent recirculating system (MARS) in the treatment of acute liver failure (ALF) case reportGavrilovic, Jagoda; Velickovic J.; Mijailovic Z.; Lazarević Ž.; Gavrilovic, Aleksandar; Tomovic, Marina
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg19-Oct-2020Cardioprotective effects of Galium verum L. extract against myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injuryBradic, Jovana; Jeremić N.; Petkovic, Anica; Jeremic, Jovana; Zivkovic V.; Srejovic I.; Sretenovic J.; Matić D.; Jakovljevic V.; Tomovic, Marina
10.5937-SJECR14-3840.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2013Comparative analysis of the chemical composition of heliantus tuberosus l. growing in Serbia and RomaniaBarjaktarevic, Ana; Cupara S.; Tomovic, Marina; Tamas V.; Ivopol G.; Simion D.; Gaidaˇu C.; Jankovic, Slobodan
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2014Cost-effectiveness analysis of tocilizumab in combination with methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis: A Markov model based on data from Serbia, country in socioeconomic transitionKostic M.; Jovanovic G.; Tomovic, Marina; Popovic-Milenkovic M.; Jankovic, Slobodan
10.30544-561.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2020Effect of chemical composition on the microstructure, hardness and electrical conductivity profiles of the Bi-Ge-In alloysDordević A.; Premovic, Milena; Minic D.; Kolarevic, Milan; Tomovic, Marina
10.30544-562.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2020Mechanical and electrical properties of the Bi-Ge-Sn alloysDordević A.; Premovic, Milena; Minic D.; Tomovic, Marina; Radičević, Branko; Kolarević, Nenad
10.1155-2019-4235405.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2019Protective effects of Galium verum L. extract against cardiac ischemia/reperfusion injury in spontaneously hypertensive ratsBradic, Jovana; Zivkovic V.; Srejovic I.; Jakovljevic V.; Petkovic, Anica; Turnic T.; Jeremic, Jovana; Jeremić N.; Mitrovic M.; Sobot T.; Ponorac N.; Ravic M.; Tomovic, Marina
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg7-Oct-2015Study of inclusion complex of β-cyclodextrin and levofloxacin and its effect on the solution equilibria between gadolinium(III) ion and levofloxacinJelic, Ratomir; Tomovic, Marina; Stojanovic V.; Joksović, Ljubinka; Jakovljević, Ivan; Djurdjevic, Predrag