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PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022A Comparison Study of Fatigue Behavior of S355J2+N, S690QL and X37CrMoV5-1 SteelMilovanović, Vladimir; Arsić, Dušan; Milutinovic, Miroslav; Zivkovic, Miroslav; Topalović, Marko
SERBIATRIB 2013 - 265-269.pdf.jpg2013Analysis of tribological process during ironing of sheet metal made of AlMg3Adamovic, Dragan; Stefanovic, Milentije; Aleksandrovic, Srbislav; Zivkovic, Miroslav; Zivic, Fatima; Topalović, Marko
10.17559-TV-20130905131504.pdf.jpg2015Analytical, numerical and experimental stress assessment of the spherical tank with large volumePetrovic R.; Zivkovic, Miroslav; Topalović, Marko; Slavkovic, Radovan
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2015Application of smoothed particle hydrodynamics in biomechanics: Advanced procedure for discretization of complex biological shapes into pseudo-particlesTopalović, Marko; Blagojevic M.; Aleksandar, Nikolic; Zivkovic, Miroslav; Filipovic, Nenad
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021BLOOD FLOW IN ARTERIAL BIFURCATION CALCULATED BY TURBULENT FINITE ELEMENT MODELAleksandar, Nikolic; Topalović, Marko; Simic, Vladimir; Blagojevic M.
M33-12.pdf.jpg2014BOUNDARY IDENTIFICATION AND WEAK PERIODIC CONDITION APPLICATION IN DEM METHODZivkovic, Miroslav; Topalović, Marko; Blagojevic, Milan; Aleksandar, Nikolic; Milovanović, Vladimir; Mesarovic, Sinisa; Padbidri, Jagan
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Calculation of blood flow in carotid artery bifurcation by turbulent finite element methodAleksandar, Nikolic; Topalović, Marko; Simic, Vladimir; Filipovic, Nenad
31_ICIST2020-1.pdf.jpg2020Combination of Bash and Python in Development of Wrappers used for Automation of Finite Element AnalysisTopalović, Marko; Vulovic, Snezana; Zivkovic, Miroslav; Bojović, Milan
02 KM21.pdf.jpg2021A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF FATIGUE BEHAVIOR BETWEEN S355J2+N AND STRENX 700 STEEL GRADEZivkovic, Miroslav; Milovanović, Vladimir; Disic, Aleksandar; Jovicic, Gordana; Topalović, Marko
ICSSM2023_Book_of_Proceedings-262-269.pdf.jpg2023Comparative Analysis of SPH and FVM Numerical Simulations of Bloodflow through Left VentricleBodić, Aleksandar; Topalović, Marko; Milosevic, Miljan; Zivkovic, Miroslav; Pešić, Miloš
10.3390-ma12071162.pdf.jpg2019Dealing with the effect of air in fluid structure interaction by coupled SPH-FEM methodsFragassa, Cristiano; Topalović, Marko; Pavlović A.; Vulovic, Snezana
COMETa22.pdf.jpg2022DETERMINING THE NUMERICAL VALUES OF THE POTENTIAL AT THE MEASURING POINTSVulovic, Snezana; Zivkovic, Miroslav; Vujanac, Rodoljub; Pavlović, Ana; Topalović, Marko
04 RAILCON20 b.pdf.jpg2020DEVELOPING ADVANCED SUBSYSTEM FOR SECURING STEEL COIL CARGO ON SHIMMNS WAGON CRADLESMilovanović, Vladimir; Bojović, Milan; Topalović, Marko; Zivkovic, Miroslav; Vulovic, Snezana
01 HM21.pdf.jpg2021Experimental and numerical strength analysis of freight wagon type SHIMMNS intended for the transportation of the sheet coilsMilovanović, Vladimir; Zivkovic, Miroslav; Vulovic, Snezana; Disic, Aleksandar; Topalović, Marko
M52-03.pdf.jpg2020FEM Modelling of Interaction between Wheel and AsphaltTopalović, Marko; Milovanović, Vladimir; Jovic, Nikola; Kudrjavceva, Ljudmila; Micunovic, Milan
35_COMETa2020.pdf.jpg2020FEM MODELLING OF WIND LOAD ON INDUSTRIAL FILTERVulovic, Snezana; Vujanac, Rodoljub; Zivkovic, Miroslav; Topalović, Marko; Disic, Aleksandar
M33-11.pdf.jpg2014Freight Wagon Mass Reduction using Parametric OptimisationTopalović, Marko; Milovanović, Vladimir; Blagojevic, Milan; Disic, Aleksandar; Rakić, Dragan; Zivkovic, Miroslav
M33-37.pdf.jpg2021FSI ANALYSIS OF HYDROFOILS USING FEM AND SPH METHODSTopalović, Marko; Nikolić, Aleksandar; Vulovic, Snezana; Milovanović, Vladimir
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021FSI ANALYSIS WITH CONTINUOUS FLUID FLOW USING FEM AND SPH METHODS IN LS-DYNATopalović, Marko; Aleksandar, Nikolic; Vulovic, Snezana; Milovanović, Vladimir
14_COMETa 2012.pdf.jpg2012IMPROVEMENT AND INTEGRATION OF FEM SOLUTION USED FOR R&D INTO FEMAPTopalović, Marko; Zivkovic, Miroslav; Busarac, Nenad; Vulovic, Snezana