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0354-98361000064B.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2010About creation and reached goals of development policy in the area of energy efficiency, environmental protection and sustainable development in the city of kragujevacBabic, Milun; Milovanovic, Dragan; Jovicic, Nemanja; Gordić, Dušan; Despotovic, Milan; Sustersic, Vanja; Živković, Dubravka; Končalović, Davor; Boskovic, Goran
0354-98361300044T.pdf.jpg23-Dec-2013An implementation of infrared thermography in maintenance plans within a world class manufacturing strategyTodorovic, Petar; Gordić, Dušan; Babic, Milun; Jeremic, Branislav; Demichela, Micaela; Macuzic, Ivan
0354-98361000068S.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2010An overview of the regulatory framework for the geothermal energy in europe and SerbiaSustersic, Vanja; Babic, Milun; Gordić, Dušan; Despotovic, Milan; Milovanovic, Dobrica
0354-98361000027B.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2010Analysis of the electricity production potential in the case of retrofit of steam turbines in a district heating companyBabic, Milun; Gordić, Dušan; Živković, Dubravka; Končalović, Davor
0354-98361000031V.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2010Assessment of plastic flows and stocks in Serbia using material flow analysisVujić, Goran; Jovicic, Nemanja; Babic, Milun; Stanisavljević, Nemanja; Batinic B.; Pavlović A.
0354-98361600063B.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2016Co-generation potentials of municipal solid waste landfills in SerbiaBošković, Goran; Josijevic, Mladen; Jovicic, Nemanja; Babic, Milun
0354-98361000019K.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2010Determination analysis of temperature regimes, functional characteristics and sliding curves of a hydrodynamic clutchKrstić, Božidar; Babic, Milun; Lazic, Vukic; Raiĉević, Vladimir; Despotovic, Milan; Milosavljevic, Dragan; Krstić, Vojislav
0354-98361000032V.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2010Experimental and artificial neural network approach for forecasting of traffic air pollution in urban areas: The case of suboticaVujić, Bogdana; Vukmirovic, Srdjan; Vujić, Goran; Jovicic, Nebojsa; Jovičić, Gordana; Babic, Milun
0354-98361000015B.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2010Finding the balance between the energy security and environmental protection in SerbiaBukurov, Maša; Babic, Milun; Ljubicic, Blažo
0354-98361000022B.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2010Overview of a new method for designing high efficiency small hydro power plantsBabic, Milun; Gordić, Dušan; Živković, Dubravka; Končalović, Davor; Milovanovic, Dragan; Jovicic, Nemanja; Despotovic, Milan; Sustersic, Vanja
0354-98361000003J.pdf.jpg15-Dec-2010Review of existing energy management standards and possibilities for its introduction in SerbiaJelić, Dubravka; Gordić, Dušan; Babic, Milun; Končalović, Davor; Sustersic, Vanja
0354-98361000018M.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2010Theoretical and experimental studies on torque convertersManea A.; Dobanda E.; Babic, Milun