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fpsyg-13-914484.pdf.jpg2022COVID-19 certificate as a cutting-edge issue in changing the perception of restaurants’ visitors—Illustrations from Serbian urban centersGajić, Tamara; Petrović, Marko D.; Blešić I.; Vukolic, Dragan; Milovanović, Ilija; Radovanovic, Milan; Vukovic, Darko; Kostić, Marija; Vuksanović N.; Malinovic-Milicevic, Slavica
2620-02792201135M.pdf.jpg2022The economic and tourism valorization and legal protection of the villas of Vrnjačka Banja as the guardians of the cultural heritageMicovic, Andrej; Petrović, Marko
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022Editorial: The paradigm of creating a new environment for travel industry consumers during the crisis and instability in the worldGajic A.; Petrović, Marko D.; Kennell, James
2021The effects of organisational factors on work outcomes in hospitality: the role of resilienceKovačić, Sanja; Petrović, Marko; Milićević, Snežana; Blešić, Ivana
sustainability-14-10701-v4.pdf.jpg2022Factors That Influence Sustainable Selection and Reselection Intentions Regarding Soluble/Instant Coffee—The Case of Serbian ConsumersGAJIĆ, TAMARA; Popov-Raljic J.; Blešić I.; Aleksić M.; Petrović, Marko D.; Radovanovic, Milan; Vukovic, Darko; Sikimić V.; Pivac T.; Kostić, Marija; Sekulic, Dejan; Vukolic, Dragan; Penic M.; Ivanović O.
sustainability-14-15530.pdf.jpg2022Risks in the Role of Co-Creating the Future of Tourism in “Stigmatized” DestinationsGajić, Tamara; Vukolic, Dragan; Petrović, Marko D.; Blešić, Ivana; Zrnic, Milos; Cvijanović, Drago; Sekulic, Dejan; Spasojević Ana; Obradović, Maja; Obradović, Ana; Savic, Ilija; Jovanović, Jasmina; Gajic M.; Lukić D.; Anđelković Ž.
ijerph-19-16165.pdf.jpg2022Significance of the Work Environment and Personal Resources for Employees’ Well-Being at Work in the Hospitality SectorDemirović Bajrami, Dunja; Petrović, Marko D.; Sekulic, Dejan; Radovanovic, Milan; Blešić, Ivana; Vuksanovic, Nikola; Cimbaljevic M.; Tretyakova T.
10.3390-su13158395.pdf.jpg2021Women’s role in organizational commitment and job satisfaction in the travel industry—an evidence from the urban settingGajic A.; Petrović, Marko D.; Radovanovic, Milan; Vukovic, Darko; Dimitrovski, Darko; Yakovenko, Nataliya