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Zbornik radova COMETa2018_PDF_40.pdf.jpg2018FEM ANALYSIS OF GEROTOR MACHINES IMPELLER WITH PLANETARY MOTIONMatejic, Milos; Ivanović, Lozica
5.pdf.jpg2010Friction and Wear in Timing Belt DrivesStojanovic, Blaza; Ivanović, Lozica; Blagojevic, Mirko
10.1088-1757-899X-659-1-012006.pdf.jpg2019Gears or rotors-three approaches to design of working units of hydraulic machinesStryczek J.; Bednarczyk S.; Codina-Macia, Esteban; GAMEZ-MONTERO, PEDRO JAVIER; Ivanović, Lozica; Matejic, Milos
Beograd-ISMM-1997.PDF.jpg1997Geometrical Constraints in Cycloidal Teeth SynthesisIvanović, Lozica; Josifović, Danica
MVM 1996.pdf.jpg1996Geometrijski parametri planetnih hidrauličnih motora sa trohoidnim ozubljenjemIvanović, Lozica; Josifović, Danica
IAT-2007.pdf.jpg2007Identification of the optimal geometrical parameters of the trochoidal gearing at the IC engines lubricating pumpsIvanović, Lozica; Josifović, Danica
TV_29_2022_6_1853-1860.pdf.jpg2022The Impact of Lubricant Viscosity and Materials on Power Losses and Efficiency of Worm GearboxSkulić A.; Milojevic, Sasa; Maric, Dejan; Ivanović, Lozica; Krstic, Bozidar; Radojkovic, Mladen; Stojanovic, Blaza
Arsovski Ivanovic 2QOL 2017.pdf.jpg2017THE IMPACT OF PRODUCING DEVICES FOR RECYCLING ON THE ENVIRONMENTArsovski, Slavko; Tadić, Danijela; Ivanović, Lozica; Cvetic, Tijana
IMPACT TOUGHNESS OF HIGH-STRENGTH LOW-ALLOY STEEL WELDED JOINTS.pdf.jpg2017Impact toughness of high-strength low-alloy steel welded jointsIlic, Andreja; Ivanović, Lozica; Stojanovic, Blaza; Josifović, Danica; Desnica, Eleonora
10.18485-aeletters.2018.3.3.3.pdf.jpg2018Impact toughness of high-strength low-alloy steel welded jointsIlic A.; Ivanović, Lozica; Stojanovic, Blaza; Josifovic D.; Desnica, Eleonora
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Improving gerotor pump performance trough design, modeling and simulationIvanović, Lozica; Matejic, Milos
lozica Zbornik COMETa 2018.pdf.jpg2018Improving the quality of innovative processes in the construction of ELV recycling equipmentIvanović, Lozica; Ilic, Andreja; Aleksić, Aleksandar; Vulić, Miroslav
57 IQC 2013.pdf.jpg2013THE INFLUENCE OF DESIGN MODIFICATIONS OF CARDAN SHAFT DRIVEN FORK ON ITS STRESS DISTRIBUTIONIvanović, Lozica; Ilic, Andreja; Stojanovic, Blaza; Živković, Katarina
145-150.pdf.jpg2017Influence of leakage clearance on pressure variation in gerotor pump chambersIvanović, Lozica; Ilic, Andreja; Stojanovic, Blaza; Glišović, Jasna; Matejic, Milos
2017-M33-IRMES-Ivanovic - Rad.pdf.jpg2017INFLUENCE OF LEAKAGE CLEARANCE ON PRESSURE VARIATION IN GEROTOR PUMP CHAMBERSIvanović, Lozica; Ilic, Andreja; Stojanovic, Blaza; Glišović, Jasna; Matejic, Milos
JBTA-1-2013.pdf.jpg2013Influence of Power Transmitter Dynamic Load on Physical and Chemical Properties of Used LubricantIlic, Andreja; Ivanović, Lozica; Josifović, Danica; Savić, Slobodan; Rosić, Božidar
Serbiatrib Ilic-Ivanovic-2011.pdf.jpg2011Influence of Power Transmitter Dynamic Load on Physical and Chemical Properties of Used LubricantIlić, Andreja; Josifović, Danica; Ivanović, Lozica; Savić, Slobodan
01_Annals_Stojanovic_2018.pdf.jpg2018Influence of recycling of electric vehicles on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissionsStojanovic, Blaza; Bukvic, Milan; Milojevic, Ivan; Ivanović, Lozica
SEMDOK-2013.pdf.jpg2013Influence of Stress Concentration on Mechanical Properties of High Strength Low Alloyed Steel GradeIlić, Andreja; Ivanović, Lozica; Josifović, Danica; Lazic, Vukic; Nikolic, Ruzica