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machines-10-00046-v2.pdf.jpg2022Identification of Vehicle System Dynamics from the Aspect of Interaction between the Steering and the Suspension SystemsMiloradović, Danijela; Lukić, Jovanka; Glišović, Jasna; Miloradović, Nenad
Mačužić_Saveljić_2022_IOP_Conf._Ser. _Mater._Sci._Eng._1271_012021.pdf.jpg2022In-vehicle comfort assessment during fore-and-aft random vibrations based on artificial neural networks (ANN)D. Macuzic Saveljic, Slavica; Arsić, Branko; Saveljic, Igor; Lukić, Jovanka
Demic_Lukic_APErgo_2009.pdf.jpg2009Investigation of the transmission of fore and aft vibration through the human bodyDemić, Miroslav; Lukić, Jovanka
Rad_Kongres mehanike.pdf.jpg2021Numerical modeling the motion of otoconia particles in the semicircular canal under whole body vibrationSaveljic, Igor; D. Macuzic Saveljic, Slavica; Nikolic, Dalibor; Đukic, Vojin; Djorovic, Smiljana; Lukić, Jovanka; Filipovic, Nenad
DEMI 2011_Steering_pump.pdf.jpg2011NVH investigation of power steering system hydraulic pumpLukić, Jovanka; Pesic, Radivoje; Taranovic, Dragan; Globocki Lakic, Gordana
EB2022-tsd-012.pdf.jpg2022Overview of tests and driving cycles conducted on an inertial brake dynamometer in the testing of particles formed during brake wearVasiljević, Saša; Glišović, Jasna; Lukić, Jovanka; Stojanovic, Nadica; Grujic, Ivan
10.1088-1757-899X-252-1-012010.pdf.jpg2017Pedal force determination respect to ride comfortD. Macuzic Saveljic, Slavica; Lukić, Jovanka; Glišović, Jasna; Miloradović, Danijela
2022_IOP_Conf._Ser.__Mater._Sci._Eng._1271_011001.pdf.jpg2022PrefaceLukić, Jovanka; Glišović, Jasna
2002Seated Human Body Behavior Under Random VibrationLukić, Jovanka; Demić, Miroslav; Constantinos, Spentzas
Demic_Lukic_Milic_JSV_2002.pdf.jpg2002Some aspects of the investigation of random vibration influence on ride comfortDemić, Miroslav; Lukić, Jovanka; Milić, Živadin
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2020The Impact of the Seatback Angle on the Appearance of the Driver s DiscomfortD. Macuzic Saveljic, Slavica; Lukić, Jovanka
10.5937-jsscm1502019M.pdf.jpg2015Thermal analysis of solid and vented disc brake during the braking processD. Macuzic Saveljic, Slavica; Saveljic, Igor; Lukić, Jovanka; Glišović, Jasna; Filipovic, Nenad
10.17559-TV-20161215093920.pdf.jpg2018Three-dimensional simulation of the McPherson suspension systemMacuzic, Slavica; Lukić, Jovanka; Ruzic, Dragan
CAR2011-1192.pdf.jpg2010VEHICLE RIDE COMFORT ASSESSMENT METHODSDemić, Miroslav; Lukić, Jovanka; Glišović, Jasna
10.1088-1757-899X-659-1-012051.pdf.jpg2019Vehicles optimization regarding to requirements of recycling example: Bus dashboardMilojević, Saša; Pesic, Radivoje; Lukić, Jovanka; Taranovic, Dragan; Skrucany, Tomas; Stojanovic, Blaza