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10.2298-VSP190418075P.pdf.jpg2021Diagnostic importance of cystatin c and creatinine for contrast-induced acute kidney injuryPilčevic D.; Rancic, Nemanja; Jovic Z.; Rabrenovic V.; Antić M.; Petrovic M.; Petrovic, Dejan; Maksic D.
10.2298-VSP180525113P.pdf.jpg2020Effect of Vitamin D on proteinuria, lipid status, glycoregulation and C-reactive protein in patients with type-2 diabetes mellitusPetrovic M.; Dragovic S.; Petrovic B.; Obrencević K.; Rancic, Nemanja; Djurašinović T.; Petrovic, Dejan; Ignjatovic L.; Rabrenovic V.; Nenezić N.; Marinković D.; Maksic D.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022How and when do we use continuous renal replacement therapy for acute kidney injury in Serbia? - The multicentric surveyKnežević V.; Celic D.; Azasevac T.; Golubovic Z.; Sladojević V.; Nestorov N.; Maksic D.; Naumovic R.; Lazarevic, Tatjana; Nesković V.
10.2298-VSP170714008O.pdf.jpg2019Successful treatment of idiopathic retroperitoneal fibrosis with combined immunosuppressive therapyObrencević K.; Petrovic, Dejan; Aleksić P.; Petrovic M.; Rancic, Nemanja; Jovanovic D.; Nikolić B.; Mijuskovic M.; Vavic N.; Ignjatovic L.; Maksic D.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2018Tissue and urinary KIM-1 relate to tumor characteristics in patients with clear renal cell carcinomaMijuskovic M.; Stanojevic, Ivan; Milovic N.; Cerović S.; Petrovic, Dejan; Maksic D.; Kovacevic B.; Andjelic T.; Aleksić P.; Terzic B.; Djukic, Mirjana; Vojvodic, Danilo
10.2298-VSP170808138T.pdf.jpg2019Urinary transferrin as an early biomarker of diabetic nephropathyTerzic B.; Stanojevic, Ivan; Radojicic Z.; Resan M.; Petrovic, Dejan; Maksic D.; Djekić J.; Ristic P.; Petrovic M.; Mijuskovic M.