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PaperMissing.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2020Advanced oxidation process of coumarins by hydroxyl radical: Towards the new mechanism leading to less toxic productsMilenkovic, Dejan; Dimic, Dusan; Avdović, Edina; Amić A.; Dimitrić Marković J.; Marković, Zoran
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2019Antioxidative capacity of evernic acid and its interactions with TDP1Đorović Jovanović, Jelena; Jeremić O.; Manojlovic, Nedeljko; Milenkovic, Dejan; Marković, Zoran
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg15-Dec-2017Antioxidative mechanisms in chlorogenic acidTošović, Jelena; Markovic, Svetlana; Dimitrić Marković J.; Mojovic, Milos; Milenkovic, Dejan
10.24874-jsscm.2020.01.05.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2020Do Equol's C-ring hydrogens contribute to free radical scavenging?Amić A.; Milenkovic, Dejan; Dimitrić Marković J.; Marković, Zoran
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg6-May-2013Examination of the chemical behavior of the quercetin radical cation towards some basesMarković, Zoran; Amic D.; Milenkovic, Dejan; Dimitrić Marković J.; Markovic, Svetlana
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg5-Jun-2018Experimental and theoretical elucidation of structural and antioxidant properties of vanillylmandelic acid and its carboxylate anionDimic, Dusan; Milenkovic, Dejan; Ilic Zivojinovic J.; Šmit, Biljana; Amić A.; Marković, Zoran; Dimitrić Marković J.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2018Hydrogen atom transfer versus proton coupled electron transfer mechanism of gallic acid with different peroxy radicalsMilenkovic, Dejan; Đorović Jovanović, Jelena; Petrović, Vladimir; Avdović, Edina; Marković, Zoran
10.1039-d0ra09632f.pdf.jpg12-Jan-2021Inhibitory activity of quercetin, its metabolite, and standard antiviral drugs towards enzymes essential for SARS-CoV-2: The role of acid-base equilibriaMilanović, Žiko; Antonijević M.; Amić A.; Avdović, Edina; Dimic, Dusan; Milenkovic, Dejan; Marković, Zoran
10.3762-bjoc.11.200.pdf.jpg7-Oct-2015Mechanism, kinetics and selectivity of selenocyclization of 5-alkenylhydantoins: An experimental and computational studyŠmit, Biljana; Pavlovic, Radisa; Milenkovic, Dejan; Marković, Zoran
10.1556-036.102.2015.2.3.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2015Positive effects of naringenin on near-surface membrane fluidity in human erythrocytesAjdžanovic V.; Jakovljevic, Vladimir; Milenkovic, Dejan; Konić Ristić, Aleksandra; Živanović, Jasmina; Jaric I.; Milosević V.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg16-Aug-2016Potent 1,2,4-Triazole-3-thione Radical Scavengers Derived from Phenolic Acids: Synthesis, Electrochemistry, and Theoretical StudyIvanovic, Nenad; Jovanović, Ljiljana; Marković, Zoran; Marković, Violeta; Joksović, Milan; Milenkovic, Dejan; Djurdjevic, Predrag; Ciric, Andrija; Joksović, Ljubinka
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2019Preparation and antimicrobial activity of a new palladium(II) complexes with a coumarin-derived ligands. Crystal structures of the 3-(1-(o-toluidino)ethylidene)-chroman-2,4-dione and 3-(1-(m-toluidino) ethylidene)-chroman-2,4-dioneAvdović, Edina; Stojković, Danijela; Jevtić, Verica; Milenkovic, Dejan; Marković, Zoran; Vukovic, Nenad; Potočňák I.; Radojevic, Ivana; Čomić, Ljiljana; Trifunović, Srećko
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2018QSAR of the free radical scavenging potency of selected hydroxyanthraquinonesMarković, Zoran; Miloš, Filipović; Manojlovic, Nedeljko; Amić A.; Jeremic B.; Milenkovic, Dejan
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2018Reactivity of the coumarine derivative towards cartilage proteins: combined NBO, QTAIM, and molecular docking studyMilenkovic, Dejan; Avdović, Edina; Dimic, Dusan; Bajin Z.; Ristic, Branko; Vukovic, Nenad; Trifunović, Srećko; Marković, Zoran
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2016Revisiting the solvation enthalpies and free energies of the proton and electron in various solventsMarković, Zoran; Tošović, Jelena; Milenkovic, Dejan; Markovic, Svetlana
10.1039-d0ra07062a.pdf.jpg23-Sep-2020Several coumarin derivatives and their Pd(ii) complexes as potential inhibitors of the main protease of SARS-CoV-2, anin silicoapproachMilenkovic, Dejan; Dimic, Dusan; Avdović, Edina; Marković, Zoran
10.5937-jsscm1602066T.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2016Solvation enthalpies and Gibbs energies of the proton and electron - Influence of solvation modelsTošović, Jelena; Markovic, Svetlana; Milenkovic, Dejan; Marković, Zoran
10.20450-mjcce.2019.1333.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2019Structural characterization of kaempferol: A spectroscopic and computational studyMilenkovic, Dejan; Dimitrić Marković J.; Dimic, Dusan; Jeremić N.; Amic D.; Stanojević-Pirković M.; Marković, Zoran
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg5-Nov-2017Structural, spectral and NBO analysis of 3-(1-(3-hydroxypropylamino)ethylidene)chroman-2,4-dioneAvdović, Edina; Milenkovic, Dejan; Dimitrić Marković J.; Vukovic, Nenad; Trifunović, Srećko; Marković, Zoran
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2012Structure and reactivity of baicalein radical cationMarković, Zoran; Markovic, Svetlana; Dimitrić Marković J.; Milenkovic, Dejan