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Petrovic Nenad

 1. Obradović Ljiljana, Jovanovic Svetlana, Petrovic Nenad, Srećković Sunčica, Jovanovic Zorica, Relentless placoid chorioretinitis - A case report, null, 10.2298/SARH1610527O (ISSN 0370-8179) 0370-81791610527O.pdf

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 3. Jovanovic Svetlana, Sarenac Vulovic Tatjana, Radotić F., Toncic Z., Zivkovic M., Petrovic Nenad, Quantitative Analysis of Uveitis Macular Edema in Multiple Sclerosis Patients Receiving Deep Posterior Sub-Tenon Triamcinolone Acetonide Injection, null, 10.1159/000458157 (ISSN 0030-3747)

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 5. Petrovic Nenad, Sarenac Vulovic Tatjana, Todorovic Milos, Sreckovic Nikola, Janićijević-Petrović M., Janicijevic K., Cilioretinal arteries and collateral vessels after occlusion of central retinal artery, null, 10.2298/VSP160510286P (ISSN 0042-8450) 10.2298-VSP160510286P.pdf

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 7. Petrovic Nenad, Todorovic Danijela, Sreckovic M., Sarenac Vulovic Tatjana, Janićijević-Petrović M., Paunovic V., Janicijevic K., Jovanovic Svetlana, The influence of intravitreally applied triamcinolone acetonide on vitreal hemorrhage resorption and visual acuity in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy, null, 10.2298/SARH170508131P (ISSN 0370-8179) 10.2298-SARH170508131P.pdf

 8. Kostic Nenad, Blagojevic Mirko, Petrovic Nenad, Matejic Milos, Marjanovic Nenad, Determination of real clearances between cycloidal speed reducer elements by the application of heuristic optimization, null, 10.21278/TOF.42102 (ISSN 1333-1124) 10.21278-TOF.42102.pdf

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 10. Todorovic Milos, Sarenac Vulovic Tatjana, Petrovic Nenad, Jakovcev-Todorovic D., Sreckovic M., INTRAOCULAR PRESSURE CHANGES AFTER UNEVENTFUL PHACOEMULSIFICATION IN EARLY POSTOPERATIVE PERIOD IN HEALTHY EYES, null, 10.20471/acc.2019.58.03.10 10.20471-acc.2019.58.03.10.pdf

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 12. Jakovcev-Todorovic D., Sarenac Vulovic Tatjana, Sreckovic M., Jovanovic Svetlana, Petrovic Nenad, The effect of primary argon laser trabeculoplasty on intraocular pressure reduction and quality of life in patients with pseudoexfoliation glaucoma, null, 10.20471/acc.2021.60.02.08 (ISSN 0353-9466) 10.20471-acc.2021.60.02.08.pdf

 13. Maksimović Z., Stanojevic N., Fatic N., Punisic S., Adamovic Dragan, Petrovic Nenad, Nenadović V., Multidisciplinary speech and language therapy approach in a child with multiple disabilities including blindness due to retinopathy of prematurity: a case study with a one year follow-up, null, 10.1080/14015439.2021.2014563 (ISSN 1401-5439)

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 18. Petrovic Nenad, Todorović Dušan, Srećković Sunčica, Sarenac Vulovic Tatjana, Jovanovic Svetlana, Paunović Svetlana, Vulovic Dejan, Randjelović Danijela, The relationship between perifoveal capillary ring alterations and visual acuity in diabetic retinopathy, null, 10.2298/VSP201030003P (ISSN 0042-8450) 10.2298-VSP201030003P.pdf

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 2. Petrovic Nenad, Application of Bioceramics in Ophthalmology, null, 10.1016/B978-0-12-819724-0.00047-1 (ISSN -)

 1. Milanović Ljubica, Milenković Strahinja, Petrovic Nenad, Grujovic Nenad, Slavkovic Vukasin, Zivic Fatima, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Imaging Technology, null, 10.1109/BIBE52308.2021.9635099 Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Imaging Technology.pdf

 1. Jovanovic Svetlana, Petrovic Nenad, Zivkovic M., Toncic Z., Sarenac Vulovic Tatjana, Lyme Borrelia as the etiological factor in three cases of primary inflammatory choriocapillaropathies, null, 10.18240/ijo.2017.12.26 (ISSN 2222-3959)