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Ninkovic Srdjan

 1. Ninkovic Srdjan, Azanjac G., Knezevic M., Radovanovic D., Canovic D., Nedović J., Mitrovic M., Lobular breast cancer in a male patient with a previous history of irradiation due to Hodgkin's disease, null, 10.1159/000341391 (ISSN 1661-3791) 10.1159-000341391.pdf

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 4. Marković N., Zaric Milan, Zivkovic Marija, Rajković Snežana, Jovanovic I., Arsenijevic Nebojsa, Canovic P., Ninkovic Srdjan, Novel Platinum(II) Complexes Selectively Induced Apoptosis and Cell Cycle Arrest of Breast Cancer Cells In Vitro, null, 10.1002/slct.201903290

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 6. Cvetkovic Danijela, Milosevic Bojan, Cvetkovic Aleksandar, Ninkovic Srdjan, jovankic jovana, Jovanovic D., Marković Snežana, The concentration of matrix metalloproteinase 9 in the tumor and peritumoral tissue as a prognostic marker in the breast cancer patients, null, 10.2298/VSP170313118C (ISSN 0042-8450) 10.2298-VSP170313118C.pdf

 7. Spasic Marko, Milosevic Bojan, Mitrović Slobodanka, Markovic Nenad, Pavlovic Mladen, Jevdjic Jasna, Milisavljevic Slobodan, Zornic Nenad, Nedovic Nikola, Jevtic Milica, Kozomara Zoran, Marković Ivan, Ninkovic Srdjan, A giant exulcerated phyllodes breast tumor a case report, null, 10.2478/SJECR-2018-0014 (ISSN 1820-8665) 1820-86652001083S.pdf

 8. Milosevic Bojan, Cvetkovic Aleksandar, Ninkovic Srdjan, Marković Snežana, Mitrovic Slobodanka, Stojanovic Bojan, Radunović Aleksandar, Vulović Maja, Cvetkovic Danijela, Mammaglobin expression in tissue as a predictor of breast carcinoma aggressiveness, null, 10.2298/VSP190129046M (ISSN 0042-8450) 10.2298-VSP190129046M.pdf

 9. Okwose N., Russell Sophie, Rahman M., Steward C., Harwood Amy Elizabeth, McGregor Gordon, Ninkovic Srdjan, Maddock Helen, Banerjee Prithwish, Jakovljevic Professor Djordje, Validity and reliability of short-term heart-rate variability from disposable electrocardiography leads, null, 10.1002/hsr2.984 (ISSN -)

 1. Milašinović Danko, Cvetkovic Aleksandar, Ninkovic Srdjan, Filipovic Nenad, Kojić M., Afferent loop syndrome CFD simulation after Billroth II gastric resection, null, 10.1109/IWBE.2011.6079032

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 3. Nikolic Dalibor, Matovic Milovan, Jeremic M., Cvetkovic Aleksandar, Ninkovic Srdjan, Kojić M., Filipovic Nenad, Hybrid SPECT/MSCT 3D computational preoperative simulation in breast cancer surgery, null, 10.1109/BIBE.2015.7367670

 1. Cvetkovic Aleksandar, Spasic M., Pavlovic Mladen, Cvetkovic Danijela, Stojanovic B., Ninkovic Srdjan, Jevdjic Jasna, Canovic D., Milosevic Bojan, The Use of Proton Pump Inhibitors in Intensive Care Units, null, 10.1515/sjecr-2017-0011 (ISSN 1820-8665) 10.1515-sjecr-2017-0011.pdf