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Randjić Siniša

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 6. Vujičić Dejan, Pavlovic Radisa, Milošević Danijela, Dordević Borislav, Randjić Siniša, Stojić Dijana, CLASSIFICATION OF ASTEROID FAMILIES WITH ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORKS, null, 10.2298/SAJ2001039V (ISSN 1450-698X) 10.2298-SAJ2001039V.pdf

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 1. Pešović Uroš, Randjić Siniša, Stamenković Z., A wireless ECG sensor node based on Huffman data encoder, null, 10.1109/DDECS.2011.5783126

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 12. Vujičić Dejan, Ranđić Siniša, New Challenges in Computer Architecture Education, null, 10.46793/TIE22.141V S307_59.pdf