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0352-34621903851M.pdf.jpg2019The concept of business clusters and its impact on tourism business improvementMirčetić, Vuk; Vukotic, Svetlana; Cvijanović, Drago
10.3390-su12072847.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2020Do local food products contribute to sustainable economic development?Cvijanović, Drago; Ignjatijević, Svetlana; Vapa Tankosić, Jelena; Cvijanović, Vojin
0352-34622104077P.pdf.jpg2021Economic analysis of the factors influencing the supply and demand of raspberryPantic, Nemanja; Cvijanović, Drago; Imamović, Nedžad
10.4018-978-1-5225-0451-1.ch002.pdf.jpg16-Jun-2016Effects of globalization on economies in transitionCvijanović, Drago; Mihailovic B.
0352-34622004265L.pdf.jpg2020Evaluative bibliometric analysis of recent trends in rural tourism literatureLeković, Miljan; Cvijanović, Drago; Pantić, Nemanja; Stanišić, Tanja
0352-34621802745L.pdf.jpg2018Farmland real estate investment trustsLeković, Miljan; Cvijanović, Drago; Jakšić, Milena M.
0352-34621901143V.pdf.jpg2019Future drivers of rural prosperity in knowledge age: Lithuanian caseVilke, Rita; Gedminaite-Raudone, Zivile; Cvijanović, Drago
0352-34622203925B.pdf.jpg2022The future of rural tourism in The Republic of SerbiaBorović, Suzana; Stojanović, Katarina; Cvijanović, Drago
2620-02792002043V.pdf.jpg2020The importance of intangible elements in the assessment of service quality in hotels in Kolubara DistrictVujić, Milan; Sekulic, Dejan; Cvijanović, Drago
0352-34621801323Z.pdf.jpg2018Serbian agriculture loans with the aim of improving the current situationZelenović, Vera; Vojinovic, Zeljko; Cvijanović, Drago
10.3390-su11020309.pdf.jpg9-Jan-2019Serbian agriculture policy: Economic analysis using the PSE approachDurić K.; Cvijanović, Drago; Prodanović R.; Ĉavlin M.; Kuzman B.; Bulatović M.