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Grujović et al. checked.pdf.jpg2022Chemical, radiological and microbiological characterization of a drinking water source: a case studyGrujović, Mirjana; Mladenovic, Katarina; Marković, Stefan; Đukić, Nevena; Stajić, Jelena; Ostojić, Aleksandar; Zlatić, Nenad
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Correlation of elongation factor 1A accumulation with photosynthetic pigment content and yield in winter wheat varieties under heat stress conditionsMarković, Stefan; Živančev, Dragan; Horvat D.; Torbica A.; jovankic, jovana; Đukić, Nevena
10.2298-BOTSERB2101061D.pdf.jpg2021Differences in proline accumulation between wheat varieties in response to heat stressĐukić, Nevena; Marković, Stefan; Mastilović J.; Simović P.
10.2298-JSC1610310010M.pdf.jpg2017Divergence of barley and oat varieties according to their content of β-glucanMarković, Stefan; Đukić, Nevena; Knežević D.; Leković Z.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2019Expression of protein synthesis elongation factors in winter wheat and oat in response to heat stressĐukić, Nevena; Knežević D.; Pantelić, Danijel; Živančev, Dragan; Torbica A.; Marković, Stefan
10.2298-GENSR2101219M.pdf.jpg2021Heat-induced accumulation of proline and yield components in genetically divergent cereal varietiesMarković, Stefan; Knežević D.; Nešović N.; Đukić, Nevena
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2022Overview of nature, frequency and technological role of dietary fibre from cereals and pseudocereals from grain to breadTorbica A.; Radosavljević M.; Belović, Miona; Đukić, Nevena; Marković, Stefan
1450-96362042045M.pdf.jpg2020Variability of malondialdehyde content and yield elements in Triticum aestivum L. under heat stress conditionsMarković, Stefan; Petrović, Marija; Đukić, Nevena