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10.3390-medicina55080435.pdf.jpg2019Association of SOD2 (Rs4880) and GPX1 (rs1050450) gene polymorphisms with risk of Balkan endemic nephropathy and its related tumorsDragicevic B.; Šuvakov S.; Jerotic D.; Reljić Z.; DJUKANOVIĆ L.; zelen, ivanka; Pljesa Ercegovac M.; Savic Radojevic A.; Simic, Tatjana; Dragicevic D.; Matic M.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2018Epidemiological characteristics of surgically treated civilian traumatic brachial plexus injuries in SerbiaRasulić L.; Savic Radojevic A.; Lepic M.; Puzovic V.; Karaleić S.; Kovacevic, Vojin; Vitosevic F.; Samardžic M.
0042-84501500106P.pdf.jpg2015Etiology and mechanisms of ulnar and median forearm nerve injuriesPuzović, Vladimir; Samardžić, Miroslav; Jovanovic, Milan; Živković, Bojana; Savić, Andrija; Rasulić, Lukas
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2017Iatrogenic Peripheral Nerve Injuries—Surgical Treatment and Outcome: 10 Years' ExperienceRasulić L.; Savic Radojevic A.; Vitosevic F.; Samardžic M.; Živković B.; Mićović M.; Bascarevic V.; Puzovic V.; Joksimović B.; Novakovic N.; Lepic M.; Mandic-Rajcevic, Stefan
10.20471-acc.2018.57.03.12.pdf.jpg2018Management of brachial plexus missile injuriesRasulić L.; Dragojević Simić V.; Savic Radojevic A.; Lepic M.; Kovacevic, Vojin; Puzovic V.; Vitosevic F.; Novakovic N.; Samardžic M.; Rotim K.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2017Nerve injuries of the upper extremity associated with vascular trauma—surgical treatment and outcomeRasulić L.; Cinara I.; Samardžic M.; Savic Radojevic A.; Živković B.; Vitosevic F.; Mićović M.; Bascarevic V.; Puzovic V.; Mandic-Rajcevic, Stefan
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2017Outcome after brachial plexus injury surgery and impact on quality of lifeRasulić L.; Savic Radojevic A.; Živković B.; Vitosevic F.; Mićović M.; Bascarevic V.; Puzovic V.; Novakovic N.; Lepic M.; Samardžic M.; Mandic-Rajcevic, Stefan
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2020Peripheral Nerve Tumors as an Ongoing Challenge in Neuro-oncology: An Overview of Their Biological and Technical NuancesMatić D.; Lepic M.; Kovacevic, Vojin; Grujić J.; Vitosevic F.; Savic Radojevic A.; Rasulić L.
10.2298-VSP180112024L.pdf.jpg2020Radiation exposure during neurointerventional procedures in modern angiographic systems: A single center experienceLukic, Snezana; Rasulić L.; Kovacevic, Vojin; Vitosevic F.; Savic Radojevic A.; Mijailovic, Milan
10.18485-aeletters.2020.5.3.5.pdf.jpg2020Review of energy consumption and co<inf>2</inf> emission in school buildings: Case study of the city of kragujevacSavic Radojevic A.; Nikolic, Danijela; Skerlic J.
10.3390-math10010149.pdf.jpg2022The Extended Cone b-Metric-like Spaces over Banach Algebra and Some ApplicationsFernandez, Dr. Jerolina; Malviya N.; Savic Radojevic A.; Paunović, Marija; Mitrovic, Zoran
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2020The role of arm volumes evaluation in the functional outcome and patient satisfaction following surgical repair of the brachial plexus traumatic injuriesRasulić L.; Dragojević Simić V.; Savic Radojevic A.; Lepic M.; Kovacevic, Vojin; Puzovic V.; Grujić J.; Mandic-Rajcevic, Stefan; Samardžic M.
10.2298-BOTSERB2102203O.pdf.jpg2021Traditional varieties and wild pear from Serbia: a link among antioxidant, antidiabetic and cytotoxic activities of fruit peel and fleshPavlovic, Milica; Alimpić Aradski A.; Savic Radojevic A.; Janković, Prvoslav; Milutinović, Milena; Marin, Petar; Duletic-Lausevic, Sonja
10.2298-VSP171210119J.pdf.jpg2020Unruptured distal anterior cerebral artery mirror aneurysms associated with ruptured middle cerebral artery aneurysm: A case reportJovanovic V.; Rasulić L.; Kovacevic, Vojin; Janicijevic A.; Vitosevic F.; Savic Radojevic A.; Petrović-Djurović M.; Tasić G.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2020Viable C5 and C6 Proximal Stump Use in Reconstructive Surgery of the Adult Brachial Plexus Traction InjuriesRasulić L.; Savic Radojevic A.; Lepic M.; Kovacevic, Vojin; Vitosevic F.; Novakovic N.; Mandic-Rajcevic, Stefan; Samardžic M.