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10.1016-j.asr.2013.11.016.pdf.jpg2014Broad spectral line and continuum variabilities in QSO spectra induced by microlensing of diffusive massive substructureSimić, Saša; Popović L.
10.1093-mnras-stab1510.pdf.jpg2021Detecting subparsec supermassive binary black holes: Long-term monitoring perspectivePopović L.; Simić, Saša; Kovačević A.; Ilic, Dragana
10.1002-2015GL065726.pdf.jpg2015Detection of short-term response of the low ionosphere on gamma ray burstsNina, Aleksandra; Simić, Saša; Sreckovic, Vladimir; Popović L.
Influence of (0, 1) Laguerre-Gaussian Field Distribution.pdf.jpg2021Influence of (0, 1)* Laguerre-Gaussian Field Distribution on Tunneling Ionization RateMiladinovic, Tatjana B.; Simic, Aleksandar; Danilović, Nebojša; Jeremic M.
10.1515-astro-2017-0324.pdf.jpg2011Influence of microlensing on spectral anomalies of the lensed objectsSimić, Saša; Popović L.; Jovanovic, Predrag
10.1093-mnras-stab1595.pdf.jpg2021On possible proxies of AGN light-curves cadence selection in future time domain surveysKovačević A.; Ilic, Dragana; Popović L.; Radović V.; Jankov I.; Yoon I.; Caplar N.; Čvorović-Hajdinjak I.; Simić, Saša
10.1142-S0218271812500289.pdf.jpg2012Physical parameters of the relativistic shock waves in GRBs: The case of 30 GRBsSimić, Saša; Popović L.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Preface: Spectral shapes in astrophysicsPopovic, Luka; Simić, Saša; Kovačević, Anđelka
10.1093-mnras-stt498.pdf.jpg2013Spectrophotometric variability of quasars caused by lensing of diffuse massive substructure: Consequences on flux anomaly and precise astrometric measurementsPopović L.; Simić, Saša
10.1002-asna.20210073.pdf.jpg2021The broad emission line asymmetry in a low mass ratio of supermassive binary black holes on elliptical orbitsSimić, Saša; Popović L.; Kovačević A.; Ilic, Dragana
10.3847-1538-4357-aaf731.pdf.jpg2019The Optical Variability of Supermassive Black Hole Binary Candidate PG 1302-102: Periodicity and Perturbation in the Light CurveKovačević A.; Popović L.; Simić, Saša; Ilic, Dragana